Sunday, May 11, 2008


oopsy ...
i noe i very very late ..
coz i just get this photo ..
let me just tell u bout tat day ba ~~

its an important day in my life
i m goin to take my SPM result

nervous of course ...
but then .. i noe where's my standart
i can guess my result ~~

herm ....
de result is reli in my expectation
haiz ..
anywhere , just forget bout de sad ~~
v took a lots of picture
just act v all get [ S T R A I G H T A ' S ]
happy ler ...... lol

these are de pics ..
lets enjoy

after tat ..
v just celebrate it
althought v r not having an excellent result ...
went to the curve
watch de movie CJ7
fuiyo ...
reli long long time ago ..

b4 tat .. v reli went crazy
eat til very very full like hell ~~

v went to TGI FRIDAYS

these are de foods ..
n some pic ..

[ silly kaisven .. he was in singapore now .. ]

[ hong yee .. study at KBU now ]

[ i still remember this is dear's ]

[ n this is mine ]

overall ..
v totally spend 300++ on it ~~~

erm ..
its a memorable day ..

now i c back these pic
i felt very lonely ...
suddenly very very miss u all ~~~

my 5 M U L I A gangs ~~

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