Friday, May 16, 2008

lagoon trip

went to sunway lagoon

said is for our homework - business plan
but then v also play there ...

herm .. quite enjoy tat day ..
if i didn sat de roller coaster twice ,
i think it will b more nice

de front of lagoon

took for fun ~
all blue ....

i hope to hav swimming pool in my future hse ..

stupid roller coaster ~~
n stupid face

herm .. tis is quite dark ..

found this in lagooon
wao ..
so suprise
i tot only oversea having it ..
wanna try
but its too too too exps
120 for 2 ppls
my god ..
just for few seconds ..
not worth it ~~

after tat
had lunch + dinner in a korea restaurant
my 1st time

i still can accept de food there ..
not bad ..
de most famous --> kimchi
herm .. its a little bit salty ~~

these is all de side dish
they will keep on refill once u finish de side dish

this is korea soft drink
so small
so cute ~~

another 2 meal ..
i forgot de name ~~

rush back to school again ..
took school bas back to 1u ..
n then daddy come fetch me ..

n then start my class at 7

haiz ..
my day is alwasy tied by [ t u i t i o n c l a s s e s ]
sob sob

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