Tuesday, April 28, 2009

influence by shawn

i got the new website of shawn ...
but due to some reason, he said dun tell others 1st ...
[ u noe how important me to him .. XD ]

yes .. influence by u la my dear shawn

5 MULIA 2007

from my true heart,
i do like my classmates a lot and a lot
thousand thanks to say to all of YOU[s]
u all bring a lot joyful, happiness and memorable memory into my life ...

from those past year record,
my sis is from Mulia ,
Benny, Leslie , they from Mulia ,
then Elaine , Ryan , Kenny , Ah Chai they all from Mulia as well ..
and its like MY DREAM to enter Mulia class also
finally, I entered Mulia when i was form 4 ..
its not exactly that new to me .. cause some of my friend were there
and then went to 5 Mulia the next year ...
classroom never change, still at the 4th floor , the 1st classroom.

never forgot
we always ponteng
always bought nasi lemak when we just arrived to school
always laugh out loud
always playing around with teacher
always plan for activities together
always have lunch together

still , sometimes we quarrel
we not match with each other
but it doesn't matter anyhow
its just a way to improve our relationship

lets enjoy some pic here

me , zhen yi , wen en , tsae yun
-- sista --

[ very tall n pretty ] wen en + me

the gals of 5 Mulia
pao shing , siao pei , zhen yi , me , petra , hui yi

indian + chinese

pure chinese

chinese society

with our BELOVED chemistry teacher
Pn. Zahrah

a very stupid pic which took at curve

[ very smart ] kaisven + me

dinner at Steamboat Yuan

when we go back to get our SPM result
yea ... i remember that day shawn shout very loud ... =p

[ big head ] tai meng n me

the brothers of 5Mulia - [ scare tickle ] hong yee, Kaisven , [ sleeping king ] Xu Tong , [ dai lou ] shawn , [ quite ] Henry , [ so called 'handsome' ] kah wei - from 5 Murni

the Prom Night at Legend Hotel

gang of 5Mulia + kah wei

chen yi [ so called very noisy gal ] , wen en , me , pao shing [ very hard working gal ] n [ Clever] carol

little gathering at Chandran

a funny pic where
when we yamcha at station 1, we played some games ...
this is the punishment for them

[ cute ] siao pei wif me

this year CNY @ shawn's house

a very nice teacher also
Pn. Yong

and dear's hse , steamboat lunch

last but not least ..
a very cute pic here


Sunday, April 26, 2009


not yet finish upload about what i done recently ...

forget when, dinner with dear ...
at our super favourite place , dry Bak Kut Teh @ Desa Aman Puri
this time , i remember to capture before we eat ..
yea .. pic no longer look like shit .. =p

the dry bak kut teh and vege ...
the dinner of our day

after dinner, we did some jalan-jalan at desa park city
our favourite place also
and this is 1 of our hobby edy i think ... =)


last Saturday , i accompany dear went to cut hair

lets pic do the talking

i just scare will have bird fly to his head and stand on it ...
[ get wat i mean ?]

oops ... i dun hair the pic when the hair is done ...
erm .. next time ba ~~

after that, we move to 1u for bowling
erm ... the 2nd time I play bowling
its hard enough actually , and my hand not enough 'power' also


Sunday , went to 1u again
but this time with my insurance colleague
an unformal meeting , we played bowling also
oh .... again ..

no pic for the day
but for sure i'm always happy whenever i with them ...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

good news

sorry for the late update ...
i know i've been M.I.A for almost 2 weeks or maybe more than that ~~
paiseh )=

ok ..
lets see what i've had done recently
i done my 2 presentation on the same day, which is last thursday
the 1st one, been complained 99 ..
sob sob .. my wedding speech really that sucks mer ?
damn !!
then another presentation i done quite well
coause not enough time then i just read what ever i wrote on my slide show ..
wakaka .. easy sial ~~

then pass up the public speaking homework ..
huh .. luckily i done correctly

anyway, v done another mice gathering on wednesday also
its just pretty awesome ..
next post will explain more about it

everyone ...
concern about what good news will i announce here ??

i have been choose by 8tv for internship

I was really really happy that i get what I want
at least it's not very far from my house
no F&B problem since the 1u just beside, n that area got plenty of restaurant also
8tv near KBU as well , make dear cant skip to meet me up
haha ... evil me =p

anyway .. cant b too excited actually
cause i haven pass the interview
if i really pass ...
will have a party to celebrate ...
celebrate i got to enter 8TV, and also celebrate that's my dead period
i believe that i will be freaking bz wif all those stuff ...
but this is what i wan ...

yea ..
i m totally excited !!!

oh ya , another good news is
sis came back already .. then i will have car to use very very soon
thx very much ya ^^

Sunday, April 12, 2009

my blog has become more n more boring ...

why hur ??

s . i . e . n . z .

= (

Monday, April 6, 2009

the exchange

oops .... i m back here again ...
just finish read my others fren's blog ..

totally speechless
i dunno how to describe my feeling right now
its not happy , its not sad ,
perhaps .... just E.M.O

smth just happen during our class today ..
she cried out of a sudden
and he cried ........ also

i cant deny that cry is really a good way to release our tension or watever
i used to do that also
and it reli help

asking ...
wats the relationship of this article wif my title ??
okay ...
buddy , for me .. i just think that i changed a lot since this yr ..
i noe that i have to change and i blif i can do even better
since tat ..... my attitude, my thinking , bla bla ....... changed

i felt happy to wat i being now ..
i shall continue it and do it better n better
i wanna prove to every1 , WHO I M ACTUALLY ...
my school stuff , my family , my love , my frenz ........
everything everything ~~

but in the other hand ... i saw ppl's sadness
there's smth happened
and ... i reli dunno how to express it ...
it sound weird perhaps


i hope that i can b 1 of Ur fren who U can actually rely on
tell me whenever U need help

god bless ~~~

no pic article

from the tittle above
u should noe that this article will be without photo ...
perhaps u will get boring ..
just prepare la ya =)

actually there's reli quite a lot of thing happen in the last few weeks

--- about the school stuff ---

1) i not yet mentioned that i already started my school . i was already in sem 4 now ... which i didn ever realize that i was actually that old already , in the term of 'Semester' and the word 'Senior' to those junior .. Erm ... time passed very quickly just like the speed of the light .. try to refresh back .. we were actually gone thru so much things and activities .. and for me .. i still appreciate wat i have now .. just pretty like my fellow classmates .. but still ... some #$%^&*

2) the sem 4 students are goin to held 1 activity .. which is WINE TASTING event ... sounds interesting right ? yes .. i do think so ... a little bit excited and feel cant wait for the event .... LOlz

3) we are still wif the f*cking idiot lecture this sem .. holy 3 freaking non-stop semester ...oh gosh !!! it was killing me !!

4) we are goin to our internship soon .... which i will call it as SWE .
yea .. i already choose Gallaxy Group as my 1st choice , Astro to b my 2nd choice , 8tv is the 3rd choice and another extra 1 , which is 1utama as my 4th choices .. i reli reli hope Gallaxy want me ~~

--- the personal thingy ---

1) for ur information, i working as part time insurance agent now ... suprise ?? lolz

2) sis gonna come back at the end of april .. which mean i will have car to use when she back .. i reli hope that she can come back even early .. then i can proceed my thing faster and better ... i think sooo (=

3) dear gets his new car already .. its a new Proton Saga .... and i already tested it as well .. not bad actually, and make me feel like buying Saga instead of Myvi ..... any suggestion from u ?

4) I m goin to Bali soon ..... on the middle of June ...... 'people' already challenge me, as if i hit the target, then he will sponsor me the whole entire trip and my expenses as well .... wow .. i will fight for it no matter how !! wahaha........

erm .... no more le i think ... just cant remember now ...

anyway , i think i shall back to my school stuff edy .. ciaoz ~~

i m lost

yea dudes ...
i m lost over here ... never update my blog for almost half a month ..
its too bad .. i noe ...
this is becoz
sometimes i just blank ...
plus the lazy worm in my body ....
so ... didn update for this couples of weeks
reli sry
punish ** slap ~~ **

22 / 03

one of my cousin sista's wedding dinner ..
a very simple dinner ...
but every1 of us were very very tak syok wif it ..
coz v waited freaking long hour til 9-ish only can eat
wtf ~~~

anyway .. i steal those pic from the photo album ...
i think u all can guess how old is she ...
and .. perhaps the reason of getting married as well

ok .. other than that
i took pic wif orther ppl also ..

the cousin bro ..

my god-mother

my god-brother

my beloved grandmom

after the dinner
v got the mini so called 'yam-cha' session

last but not least
wif the kids

the bride

and another cousin sis ...

erm .. tats all here ..