Monday, April 6, 2009

no pic article

from the tittle above
u should noe that this article will be without photo ...
perhaps u will get boring ..
just prepare la ya =)

actually there's reli quite a lot of thing happen in the last few weeks

--- about the school stuff ---

1) i not yet mentioned that i already started my school . i was already in sem 4 now ... which i didn ever realize that i was actually that old already , in the term of 'Semester' and the word 'Senior' to those junior .. Erm ... time passed very quickly just like the speed of the light .. try to refresh back .. we were actually gone thru so much things and activities .. and for me .. i still appreciate wat i have now .. just pretty like my fellow classmates .. but still ... some #$%^&*

2) the sem 4 students are goin to held 1 activity .. which is WINE TASTING event ... sounds interesting right ? yes .. i do think so ... a little bit excited and feel cant wait for the event .... LOlz

3) we are still wif the f*cking idiot lecture this sem .. holy 3 freaking non-stop semester ...oh gosh !!! it was killing me !!

4) we are goin to our internship soon .... which i will call it as SWE .
yea .. i already choose Gallaxy Group as my 1st choice , Astro to b my 2nd choice , 8tv is the 3rd choice and another extra 1 , which is 1utama as my 4th choices .. i reli reli hope Gallaxy want me ~~

--- the personal thingy ---

1) for ur information, i working as part time insurance agent now ... suprise ?? lolz

2) sis gonna come back at the end of april .. which mean i will have car to use when she back .. i reli hope that she can come back even early .. then i can proceed my thing faster and better ... i think sooo (=

3) dear gets his new car already .. its a new Proton Saga .... and i already tested it as well .. not bad actually, and make me feel like buying Saga instead of Myvi ..... any suggestion from u ?

4) I m goin to Bali soon ..... on the middle of June ...... 'people' already challenge me, as if i hit the target, then he will sponsor me the whole entire trip and my expenses as well .... wow .. i will fight for it no matter how !! wahaha........

erm .... no more le i think ... just cant remember now ...

anyway , i think i shall back to my school stuff edy .. ciaoz ~~

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