Saturday, May 31, 2008

tagged by shawn

******* i tell u .. i dunno wat the hell is this at 1st ..
but since shawn's blog wrote in chinese .. then only i noe ..
i dun think it will come true or watever ..
anywhere .. since i hav nth to do ..
so ~~ *******

01) You trust forever love ?
: yes

02) What is the qualification for a girl to define tat she have temperament ?
: dun act like ' lala ' , successful in her ' life '
** herm .. guess so =)

03) Where is the place which you want to go the most , why ?
: New Zealand , because there is so peaceful .. n de life there is without tension / stressful

04) What u scare the most ?
: hate by my best fren / fren / family

05) When is the most happy momment for you ?
: when there is no more EXAM in my life ~~

06) How you handle sadness / unhappiness
: shout like hell

07) List down 3 of your excellency
: active , blandness , tidy

08) Everlasting or possession at one time
: possession at 1 time

09) Love someone or loved by someone ? Which is more beatific ?
: loved by someone

10) How you characterize yourself ?
: ' small gas ' , independent

11) Love , parents , friend , which is more important for you ?
: parents

12) How long time you take to forget ppl
: depends

13) What u want to do the most , or what you want the most ?
: travel all around the world wif no worries

14) When you with your beloved , u wan he/she happy , or yourself ?
: he , coz if he happy , i will happy too

15) What is the thing you like the most ?
: my bed

16) What is your favourite food ?
: taufu

17) What you did during ur free time and its enjoyable ?
: shopping , chit-chat wif my fren , sport

18) Your most grieved affair
: get cheated by frenz

19) Which gender you wan to be for your next ' lifetime '
: male , since i'm a female now

20) Is this boring ..
: absolutely .. but i'm lame too coz i posing this ~

dun wanna tag ppl ~~

Thursday, May 29, 2008

bloody hell

i dunno wats wrong wif me

i m gaining weight !!!!!

arh ~~~~

Sunday, May 25, 2008


happy birthday to my dearest

finally ...
v r 18


sry to say tat ...
its not fun lor ...
iisshh ...
i'm failure ~~

planned to hav dinner at de korea restaurant
about 10 of us

but finally
went to milwaukee for dinner
n its just 5 of us ..


de steak is quite nice
half thumb up **

after de meal

chit chat a while
shift to chandran

4 of us at 1st
n then 9 of us
finally 15 of us

wuhoo ......
a small gathering
its reli fun
i do miss my classmates n frenz so so so much
n now is de time to meet up
appreciate it man ~~

chit chat there ..
talk bout our life ..
de college life ...
this n that

the gals - chen yi , wen en , me , pao shing , carol
oopsy .. siao pei not here

this 2 fella
i reli never meet wif them bout 'N' years
feel like wanna hug u all

11.30 pm
i hav to go back
i cant back home after 12
so .....
no choice
bye darlings ~~

Friday, May 23, 2008


went to play badminton again
this time more ppl

me , dear , pey shin , ah siang , kah wei , henry

but .. no photo ~~

a very strong feel comes to me
its bad ..
just felt tat i m [ l o s e ]
de ppl is reli good in everything
n i m de LOSER


iisshh ~~
kick off my ass ...
i noe i should'n think tat way ...
but its not under my control ....

gosh ~~~~~
hide it away ..

afternoon went to 1u again
to cheong k also
n just me n dear
herm .. wanna train our singing skill

he was so concentrate

went to secret recipe

herm .. tml is dear's bifday
i celebrate to him earlier
coz he said he dun wan bifday cakes tml
so v order one slice of choc mud cake 1st today

same as my bifday cake ..
just mine is de whole cake n urs is just a slice

yea .. v reli like choc mud cake ~~

went to tried eclipse's new arrival shirt
quite nice
but not de perfect
so ...
i didn buy

just de photo was here ~~



de length still can cut ..
n its will be ok if its short .....

went to pool
smth bad happened
n just spoil my mood
so back home !!!

arh ~~~~


so so so fast
today is my last day of my holiday

herm ...
cant stay at home ler
its so so so bored
went out again
wif dear , shawn , pey shin

decide to go 1u for movie
but then the timing not match
so at last
v went to cheong k

after that
went to desa park city again
yamcha wif my frenz

dear , shawn , pay shin , henry , hong yee n my darling siao pei
long long time didn c her also
damn miss her

chit-chat at secret recipe

oh yea .. v love appletiser ~~

n then
mummy called me ..
n asking me to back home early

so no choice ..
10 smth ..
i left there ..
left my frenz ..
sob sob


went out wif dear also
to sunway again ..
coz wan change smth

but then at de end ..
v did nth ....... =.=''
cant change anything there ...

so after that
v change place to the curve

hang around there
wan to hav a movie there ..
but the movie there is limited
so ...
no choice ~~~

around 6 smth
shift to desa park city

i reli like de place ..
kinda high class

he just tried to act fierce ..
lame ~~

n v had our dinner there
at de new restaurant

herm ...
its just normal for me ..
or mayb coz of i ordered de standart set
so .. nth special

nth much to do ..
9 smth
v left there

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


i gonna to delete my last 2 frenster acc
so add de new 1

Saturday, May 17, 2008


yahoo ..
today no class ..
so good .........

n then ..
went to shopping also
wif dear n kah wei again
this time went to sunway pyramid ..

this is b4 go out ..
i do like this photo ..
lovely ~~

dear bought his bow tie
kah wei bought his pants n also tie
i bought my shoes ..
wao ~
crazy man ...
i hav many heels d ...

3 smth
hav luch there
at nando's

wao ..
v reli laugh out loud
v just like eating 霸王餐
v totally never pay for even 1 sen
but opposite , they ' owe ' us ..

i used de coupon to get 1/4 chicken
n then using de RM 40 voucher to pay ..
but then our bill is only RM 38++
so ......
didn pay at all
syoknya ..
but i wil never back to nando's anymore
not nice at all ~~ bad !!

n then 4 smth
i went to bought de donuts ..
1/2 dozen
i ate 3 donuts
de original 1 is fabulous man ~~
better than all

i m just keep on putting in food to my tummy ~~

n then shop shop shop lor

38 38
took this photo

de toilet is reli grand
wao ~~

went to hav dinner wif my family
korean restaurant again

wat i can say for de dinner is
i m willing to pay no matter how much u charge me
de service there is so so so nice
its worth to pay 4 de service tax ...
2 thumbs up also not enuf ler ...

this is de chopstick n de spoon
its long n thin

n then v order this
bibim-bum --> taught by kim
actually is de korea mix rice
damn nice

n then chicken bbq

this is b4

n after

n then this
i'm f*cking like this
------------> lamb
de very 1st time i say i luv lamb
its reli delicious
yummy yummy

there is more choices for side dish
quite nice also

this is de dessert
its free
n very nice ler
eat wif de sauce is more nice ..

wao ..
this is wat called ' e n j o y '

de decoration there also not bad
i wan my future hse 's dining area 's sitting is like this
is more comfort ler
i like it !!

v also took a families photo

i swear i will back here very very soon
to celebrate dear's birthday ~~

c u soon ...

i gain 2kg today
i guess ..........



went to 1u wif my dear n kah wei
they finding their prom nite shirt ...
i finding my accessories , shoes ..
this n tat ~~~~

again , went to pool
n again ..

[ p r i n s s ]

[ k a h w e i ]

[ he look more noob than me .. haha ]

n then went to yam cha , take a rest

dear + me again

kah wei ordered this ..
herm ..
thumbs up !!

n then mine
its name is ' water the melon '
quite funny ..
its de mixture of watermelon , honeydrew , n oren
quite nice also ..
its healthy n help to keep fit

oh ya ..
bought a new purse ..
fuiyo ~~ shinny shinny ...

back at 4.30
having class at 5.30
sob sob ler wei ~~~~~

Friday, May 16, 2008

lagoon trip

went to sunway lagoon

said is for our homework - business plan
but then v also play there ...

herm .. quite enjoy tat day ..
if i didn sat de roller coaster twice ,
i think it will b more nice

de front of lagoon

took for fun ~
all blue ....

i hope to hav swimming pool in my future hse ..

stupid roller coaster ~~
n stupid face

herm .. tis is quite dark ..

found this in lagooon
wao ..
so suprise
i tot only oversea having it ..
wanna try
but its too too too exps
120 for 2 ppls
my god ..
just for few seconds ..
not worth it ~~

after tat
had lunch + dinner in a korea restaurant
my 1st time

i still can accept de food there ..
not bad ..
de most famous --> kimchi
herm .. its a little bit salty ~~

these is all de side dish
they will keep on refill once u finish de side dish

this is korea soft drink
so small
so cute ~~

another 2 meal ..
i forgot de name ~~

rush back to school again ..
took school bas back to 1u ..
n then daddy come fetch me ..

n then start my class at 7

haiz ..
my day is alwasy tied by [ t u i t i o n c l a s s e s ]
sob sob

hol life ~~

prinss was in her holiday now ..
[ 10/5 - 19/5 ] 1 week break

but then ..
i cant use to it
coz ..
my school life is tat bz ..
n then suddenly tat boring .. tat free ~~

herm herm

quite weird

i dunno wat can i do

but then nvm

i hav my time to chill out wif my dear fren finally

wed morning

went to play badminton wif shawn , henry n pey shin

wooohoo long long tome never meet them

actually i been bullied by de 2 guys ..

so bad ~~

this is pey shin

she became more n more slim + pretty

u all noe him well


henry + me + shawn

after tat
v decided hang out to 1u
after bath
took these photo at shawn 's hse

after reach 1u
de 1st thing to do is fill up our tummy

v r farking hungry d ...

so .. again
my favourite ---> dragon-i

i like this damn much ~~
eat when its still hot ..
wao ~~ fabulous !!

hehe .. just take a shoot
dear + me

n then went to pool


i m addictive on it

ok .. lets enjoy de photo ..
v r so serious ~~

[ s h a w n ]

[ h e n r y ]

[ p e y s h i n ]

[ d e a r ]

[ p r i n s s ] --- too bad .. who shooting skill so bad ?? cant c face ~~

nvm , this is another me .. =p

leave 1u bout 4 smth ..

coz having class on 5 ..

bye ~~