Friday, May 23, 2008


so so so fast
today is my last day of my holiday

herm ...
cant stay at home ler
its so so so bored
went out again
wif dear , shawn , pey shin

decide to go 1u for movie
but then the timing not match
so at last
v went to cheong k

after that
went to desa park city again
yamcha wif my frenz

dear , shawn , pay shin , henry , hong yee n my darling siao pei
long long time didn c her also
damn miss her

chit-chat at secret recipe

oh yea .. v love appletiser ~~

n then
mummy called me ..
n asking me to back home early

so no choice ..
10 smth ..
i left there ..
left my frenz ..
sob sob

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