Thursday, May 27, 2010

You comfort me all the time

Maaya Sakamoto - Yubiwa 指輪

"You are not alone"

As my tears keep overflowing one after another,
I can't see your last smile through their blur.
Please don't go, please don't go... Stay here.
Light bursts through the sky.

Even this insignificant me
loved you more than anyone, with all my soul.
Thank you for all of the precious feelings you've given to me.
When you took off,
I was watching for a long time as the vapor trail disappeared."

Please don't forget
You're not alone.
Even if we're apart, we can still carry on hand-in-hand.

With my first love, I first realized that there could be such sorrow.
Even if something lapses away, something will live once again.
When you gave me a smile as we parted,
it was your message for me to truly live with all my heart.

I just know that we'll see each other someday.
If we're together,
even if we're far apart, we can gaze in each others' eyes
Let's bet everything on all our hopes and dreams.

Let's promise each other
that we'll hold on to the intensity we felt that day,
and live the future that blooms in tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Will Miracle happen on me ?

"You are still hoping for some miracle to strike him and change him to a better person"

Remember I wrote in Facebook : You prefer single or in a relationship ? People, what do you think ? I was confused, yet I will thought of how am I going if I were single.
Ok, put aside what the shit of single or IAR, I was just hoping some changes on you... A little bit more mature, a little bit more independent, a little bit more reliable ... That's it .. Full stop.

How you want your life to be? Dream it, work hard for it, and make the dream come true. Aren't this the game rules? Or the dream will fall on you just like that, and this is what we so called "miracle" ? Please la people, fuck all this shitty thinking, you thought god so brainless? If this "miracle" really happens on you, is this going to happen again and again and again? Why are you willing to wait for the miracle rather than create your own miracle? Doesn't it more meaningful and more value? Well, indirectly, I was trying to say that people will not help you on and on and on, for your whole life. If you did not work out yourself, who the hell gonna lend you their hand all the way long in your life? Don't tell me your parents will, they will still die one day later.. Your wife? I believe there is no such a GOOD wife out there.

I'm just mature and step ahead of you... Oh well, never expect I will stop there, this is not my problem babe. I've share my thinking, my thought, I've done all I can.

After hard work, is there any MIRACLE ?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

No Entry

How many "No Entry" sign have you seen in your life so far ? Are you really following the rules and did not turn in, every time ? or not even once ? What happen next after you turn in or you did not turn in ? Will you ever think of what will happen then ? Did you feel regret about your decision for turn in or not ?

Look into yourself, would you be able to tell yourself, how many wrong turn you have made as well as the correct one ? Would you be able to define what is the "correct" and "wrong" one ? How to prove to yourself that that is "correct" and "wrong" one ? How confident are you ?

[Was trying to express by using English instead of Chinese .. Please laugh at my poor English ..
Well, I should just Turn back to my Chinese ~~]

听见心里呐喊着 “早知道”, 三个字




Even thou I knew that is so WRONG , yet I turned in. I have no idea what's gonna happen next.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

cutest grandma in the world

hey hey .... should update de blog for my readers ...

Today's main character is my beloved grandma ... wuhoo ~~~ it's u again, grandma ...

If you have my facebook, you would know I went to Cameron on Labour day. Not to say how bad is the traffic there, it's just for all of us to have a holiday, get some fresh air, eat some fresh vege and walk here walk there ... Malaysia weather getting suckier and suckier .... yuck !! sweat in Cameron is no more "Impossible" ... The sun was strong as K.L.'s, just luckily the wind blow is still a bit cool. Thanks god =)

Back to you, grandma ... so sorry that I wasn't around you all the time during this vacation. I joined sis them and have more fun @@ Anyway, spotted these pictures from the "coming soon" aunty. Oh my god, you just cheer my mood up grandma .... God knows how much I love my grandma ... She's been my nanny since I was still a baby, I will cry if that wasn't my grandma bath for me, dress for me, feed me and even when I sleep, I know who is the one who "tum" me sleep .. I like to hear about my baby life from the grandma ... she told me how guai lan am I, and every time I cry, it's like 3 houses can hear my voice (Both neighbor beside my house). I like to stick to her whenever I back hometown. Parents always laugh at me, but who cares ? =p

Look at the pictures ... since when I never see my grandma smile like this ? She getting older n older, and as you know, diseases like to attack old people. She cant walk for too long, cant sit still in the car for too long ... But she had been carried into the car, and forced by us to go Cameron together with us ... muahaha, *evil**
Yet, she look so much younger after the walk, after getting some fresh air. We know how much she actually wanted to join this trip, just she scare will bring us some troubles as her sigh is so weak and she get tire very easily ...

Here you go, My Beloved grandma ..

spot her smile ... its just so sweet n cute =D

Afterall, this is my favourite picture of my grandma ... muacks !!

Monday, May 10, 2010




就会付出100% 的爱

我会100% 祝福你