Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm currently working here and there, just for the seek of money .... Is like wtf isn't it ... Everyday 10am-10pm, stuck in jam, whatever bla bla ... and I couldn't go on9!! FML harder pls ='(

I can't really stand without internet honestly, and I bet everyone do. I felt so outdated of not checking the fb, I didn't know hows everyone going on, hows the bf life at somewhere which is tons of miles away from where I am now, I didn't get to check my email and also news about everything. I missing everyone so badly, missing the study life so badly !!

Well, lucky that I still got some time to catch some movie b4 I start those freelance job. One of them is 'Going the Distance'. Pretty match with my condition now ... But too bad that I don't have the financial support which can allow me to go meet the love one. I watch 'Charlie St Cloud' too, rated 7.5/10 =) Cool story with unexpected story line.

Oh yea, another thing to share, I worked with all Malays for 2 days and I can't really understand their character. What is that when half day work, then they go buy eye lashes and stick it on their eyes afterward. Oh well, this is call 'hiao' for me ....

People .... gonna off to rest and dinner edy lu ..... miss ya =)