Monday, January 17, 2011

Imma a Happy Bee

Cheryl aka Edmond's gf aka Edmond's pampered babe
Wuhoo ~~~ she is back after so long ....

Sound so wrong ? It suppose to be Cheryl's bf is back after so long instead ? Whatever , we both are holding hand together again...

4 months plus gone, both of us gone thru the life without each other. For sure his life is much more interesting than mine, but for me, I guess I gone thru the hardest time so far, to be more independent, and time proof to me that we are still tying each other so tight. Distance says that we were so far apart yet it doesn't affect the love, it make us love each other even more!

I went to airport with bf's family, I truly cant wait to meet my boy, I cant express how I feel when I 1st sight my boy appear in front of me ! No tears of course, but just so sweet, felt like hell yeah, finally... And guess what, babe lost weight like 5kg ? Omg, heart pain isn't it ... Nvm, he will be that round again very soon =)

Pressie from Paris, London ... and some Pounds $$$


My Love
Our timeless love and memories will guide us through.
My life's complete thanks to you


Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh nana ~~

Oh Nana ... wats my name ~~~
Oh Nana ... wats my name ~~~ wats my name ~~~

The lyrics kept repeating on my mind, and the answer appeared was Mrs. Boo ..
Hohohoho ~~ think too much is it ?? Whatever ... 5 more days babeh ~~

Edmond's pampered babe ... will be back soon !!
weeeee ~~~~
Oh Nana ~~~~ Mrs. Boo ~~~

Friday, January 7, 2011

Je t'aime

The city of LV, Gucci, Prada

The city of coolness stuff

The city of LOVE

The city of bla bla bla

Oh wtF !! I need Doremon desperately ! Send me there please !!

and I hate the bf !! How can he go without me ??

Omg !! So jealous !! So envy !!! So dislike !!! So bo song la !!!
I wan go with you, Boo Edmond !!
How can you dump me here to the City of Love ...

** Heart Broken **


Privacy is something or somewhere for you to do whatever you want, and also, to cover the feeling of guiltiness.

Why is people read your diary and you scold them of not giving you the privacy ?

If you did not do anything wrong, is that really matter much for other people to read ?

Why is people not telling the truth and saying this is their privacy ?? Then blame for other people not giving them privacy ??

Bullshit! Privacy is just a reason, a fake terms, to cover up what have you done, and to protect yourself.

Full stop.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two Thousand Eleven

Bye 2010, Welcome to the New year 2011 !

I couldn't remember what exactly I did on last year's today, I mean 31st Dec 2009, but surely I countdown with ma boy. This year, he wasn't here with me and I felt so much different, so much more lonely and so much unsecured.

It's totally the opposite way of how we celebrate the X'mas eve, we all decided to go up to the hill and countdown with tons of people there. It was really scary to walk in such a crowd and I got no one to hold... Grhhh ~~
As I mentioned in fb, there's no jam all the way to Genting, at our time 7-ish. But at the time we walk to the outdoor theme park, 9-ish, there's long long train stuck on the road. Hu ~~~ lucky us thou (= Besides that, the weather suprised me too ! Bloody hell ! Luckily I wear jeans and long sleeves, but the coldness still made all of us kept struggling.

This was my first time and I do experienced a very different new year eve, with such amount of people, such weather, such funny buddies and without the bf. Yet, Genting disappointed me til the max ! How can they repeated ' I gotta Felling ' for half an hour b4 twelve ? This song was kinda outdated already isn't it ? How can the Emcee speak Mandarin instead of English ? How can the stage still with Merry Christmas background on ? How can the PA system so sucks and there's no firework this year !! Omg ~~ wasted !! Blame the midsty weather, blame the bloody wind !

Anyway, for a brand new year, I hope everything will be fine, everyone stay healthy and happily.... The most important thing, babe is coming back the another 12 days, cant wait cant wait !!! I gonna hug him 99, kiss him 99, and stick with him 99 ~~~ lalalalalalalalalalalala ~~




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