Thursday, November 29, 2012


某种机缘巧合下,  打了个三天的散工,认识了班美女,也见识了何谓3D 那特出的效果 。。

Angeline | me

Priscilla | ?? 

 这就是人们疯狂的 Lego 模型,是真的很可爱一下啦,再加上价钱也很公道
One full set cost RM200.

再来就是这巨型 Lego 模型 F1 赛车
It really really impressed me !!

Alright, I never know that there's so much Lego fanssss out there, whom really willing to Que up early in the morning just for the cute little car models. Of course, some parent bought for their kids as their birthday or whatever present. Haha, 小孩永远都是那么的天真,那么的容易哄,那么的容易满足。。。

It's a great experience I would say. Earn $$$ is the main point la of course.... 
And, not to forget someone's special request .... 


身边多了个 ‘歪’


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

我就是 Cheryl Chee 的主人






I told myself to be tough, and face every single problem as like drink water. 
Don't wanna give any excuse to myself, don't wanna stay weak anymore... 
That wasn't CHERYL CHEE !!
Should wide awake I suppose ...
Which I know I cant afford to waste my time just like that anymore.
Get up and stand still !

Thursday, November 15, 2012



It's a lonely Thurs, It's a public holiday ! Well, my initial plan is to go back KKB and have a walk & photography session... by myself alone ! Yea, Just wanna get myself out of the city and relax a bit, feel the nature and the 风土人情味... But too bad la, 天不作美, rain so heavily early in the morning ! Then I got my monthly illness came visit me, god damn it ! P.A.I.N !! 

As usual la, PPS a while, work a while, eat a while, shit a while, sleep a while... but fb-ing all the while ... hahahaha ..... I browsed through the timeline from 2009 to current, view thru every post , fresh back all the memories ..

Oh dear, I'm reli glad, glad, super glad that I have all of them in my life. So called ma vvvvipss. Without any of them, my life wont b like this, seriously ! 
I apologize, if I did anything wrong and hurts you guys. 
I apologize, If I missed something about u guys.
Yet, from my deep heart, you guys are all the best for me ! I appreciate whatever you all gave to me, done to me... Thanks for all the forgiveness, the acceptance etc. 

Tong, Yee, Shawn, Wei, Sven, Henry, Siow Pei, Carol, Chen Yi, Pei Shin, Sherman, Chee Ming, ArYong
My life's complete thanks to yousssss ....

-- X.O.X.O--

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Alright ... kindly forgive me for the lack of updating my blog... I used to release out my tension or unhappiness through my blog, yet I think it will cause me to loose my visitors or friends from time to time ... Haha, why is this person's blog so negative and yada ~~ Sorry la ... I will share more from now on okay ? Please bare with me =)

Time flies, I didn't notice that its another year gonna end so soon, things happened non-stop to/on me ... Either bad one or good one,  fear pushed me another level, but life still go on. Perhaps that's what we called 'LIFE', what we called 'EXPERIENCE'. Things happen for a reason, and I .. have to.. get myself into it, and learn from the lesson. So forced to said so.. Yes, I do, because I don't ever want to though that the world is so cruel so mean. Or somehow, it's just about the 'CHOICE' ... The choice is in your hand, you please take responsible on whatever you've decided.

You got no idea what kind of tough time I'm going through right now, how's my feeling towards all these, how could I cope with all the shyyttyy things, and actually how hurt am I. Hell Yeah ! I've been crying like non-stop everyday every night on every incident. God is testing me ? Or I'm testing myself and discovering how far can I go actually ........ 

I am mature enough to be a 22 years old lady, yet I'm so childish and I dun even know where did I get the balls to hold on on things that will never happen on me again. 
To my love, the sincerity of mine cant touch you by all means. Such a failure hur ? but you.. live in my heart, all the time.... while I'm still alive.
To some people called 'friend', I'm truely disappointed on your behavior, I never thought that the friendship of us is just a piece of paper, easily can be tears to 2 pieces.You won't respect and appreciate, so do I, from now on...

I'm tired of all these honestly... So am I going to say G.O.O.D.B.Y.E to my past. 

My piece of paper, may not be so colourful and meaningful as anybody in the past, but let me shout this out loud, I will never give up! I will prove, I will show, that I will become stronger and stronger, I will live 100x happier than now, I will live 100x more confident than now... It's my life now, I'll take charge of all, no more regrets !!! 

-- X.O.X.O --

Monday, November 12, 2012


看清了。。。 不得不承认,那句话是事实。。。。。

我承认我有做错,可我从来没有说过,从来没有透露过半句。。 因为这是对我不好的事情? 对,它并不是, 但这也是我保护自己也维护着你的面子与形象。。可你却把事情,讲得那么理所当然?理直气壮地在耍着我吗?

把全部的责任都推到我身上了吗?你就是对的那一个?他妈的,你是不是男人? 绅士风度在哪里? 我真的看错了吗?一直不相信的,我一直都希望你的人是我原有认识的样子。。我保护着你给我的印象,而我就只是一个开到没得再开玩笑的公仔????!! 
我哭都没眼泪了吧。。。 怪自己没有带眼识人,怪自己太天真,怪自己这么容易相信人,怪自己不会保护自己。。 是自己活该!!


过去不等于未来,我不会让历史重演, 我还会让你们见证,你们就是废物!