Tuesday, August 18, 2009

grandma birthday

another big event of my family ....
a birthday celebration for my dearest grandma
a very exciting and memorable event ....
I was actually keep waiting for the day to come , coz i really really miss all my relatives, my cousinsssss
erm, as i said its a big event ... can u imagine that we rent a bus just for the relatives who came from Hong Kong, and mom booked 7 table for the dinner ??
oh ... 70+ ppls will be around ......
wondering how is the crowd ?

we back to hometown on saturday night
sis, keith, dear n me sharing 1 car, then the others ..... [ oh .. who cares ? ]
it's a big suprise for my grandma, coz i went back to visit her on tues and wed, and i told her that i will not back for her birthday celebration this sat...
when i was there for her, she was very happy =)

sun morning, we woke up early for the praying session..
thx my grandma's mom n dad, who born my grandma ... lolz

few photos here ..

the first time with this full ...... XD

eat eat eat ....

remember this gal ? saw her b4 during chinese new year ... the cute yet lansi 1 ...

then we move to genting, as the relative who came from Hong Kong wanted to visit Genting

sis make-up-ing ... =)

4 of us sharing a car as well, and we actually doin nth there but camwhore for sure

and chill at starbucks

then me n dear following the bas to the temple near Genting

with my god-brothers

dear n me

snapshoot a bit there .. then back for dinner ...
lazy to descripe anymore, lets the pic to do the talking ba

grandma smile =)

c ......
my grandma had become a super star ... so many camera snap-shooting her ... hoho~~

and this innocent kid

my god parents :


both are god bro

and godfather

last but not least

happy birthday grandma ... love u always !! muacks

st. john dinner

some where around July I guess ...
went for the St. John dinner as the support for Jing and Shawn they all...
overall is quite good, the food taste nice also..
they have the game session which giving out toilet tissue =.=''
erm ........ and some others talks, performance ...

nth much to talk ... just some snapshoot here again

tats all

Monday, August 17, 2009

all combined rojak

advertisement : contact lenses & KFC

been choose to be one of the talent for contact lense TVC ...
thx to keith that intro me this job , and I successed !
erm , this is the 1st time I tried this and its quite fun actually
mayb coz of the module ( just a simple interview session )

i do thx those make-upper , fashion designer and some others stuff
of ya, and of course others talents as well ...
they were reli a very very nice people =)

1st scene --

just like it ... simple hair style =)

the cute gal , Ruby

2nd scene ---

Ruby also
( I hate the hair style .... haiz )

3rd scene ----

my sport look

the fashion designer

Javan n me .. the very handsome yet shy guy

lastly , the client n me .. =)


KFC --->

2 scene also ....
the 1st one i didn take any photo ...
then the 2nd 1 is with keith
the ' nerd ' 1 ... haha

oopsy ... quite blur

n this is me ...

if u reli watch tv's advertisement
u can see this advert , its already out !! but very hard to c me... coz i'm just a [ k ler feh ]

a day out wif dear to the curve

already forgot when we done this window shopping ...
but definately is b4 my internship
just some snapshoot here

I wan the skirt ........ can any1 buy for me ?

then tea time .... @ secret recipe


and this .... ( i forgot the name d , paiseh ) but taste quite nice


another day out wif dear to mid valley b4 my internship as well

enjoy ourself at Delicious ...
which the dessert reli melt me to heaven =)

and the environment there was reli nice

and then the sweet couple ...


n me =)

goin to bed now ... c u tml guys