Tuesday, August 18, 2009

grandma birthday

another big event of my family ....
a birthday celebration for my dearest grandma
a very exciting and memorable event ....
I was actually keep waiting for the day to come , coz i really really miss all my relatives, my cousinsssss
erm, as i said its a big event ... can u imagine that we rent a bus just for the relatives who came from Hong Kong, and mom booked 7 table for the dinner ??
oh ... 70+ ppls will be around ......
wondering how is the crowd ?

we back to hometown on saturday night
sis, keith, dear n me sharing 1 car, then the others ..... [ oh .. who cares ? ]
it's a big suprise for my grandma, coz i went back to visit her on tues and wed, and i told her that i will not back for her birthday celebration this sat...
when i was there for her, she was very happy =)

sun morning, we woke up early for the praying session..
thx my grandma's mom n dad, who born my grandma ... lolz

few photos here ..

the first time with this full ...... XD

eat eat eat ....

remember this gal ? saw her b4 during chinese new year ... the cute yet lansi 1 ...

then we move to genting, as the relative who came from Hong Kong wanted to visit Genting

sis make-up-ing ... =)

4 of us sharing a car as well, and we actually doin nth there but camwhore for sure

and chill at starbucks

then me n dear following the bas to the temple near Genting

with my god-brothers

dear n me

snapshoot a bit there .. then back for dinner ...
lazy to descripe anymore, lets the pic to do the talking ba

grandma smile =)

c ......
my grandma had become a super star ... so many camera snap-shooting her ... hoho~~

and this innocent kid

my god parents :


both are god bro

and godfather

last but not least

happy birthday grandma ... love u always !! muacks

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