Monday, September 7, 2009

book warm

been ignoring my blog for almost 1 month again ...
reli sry my dear readers ...
been reli reli bz this few weeks ...
oh .. WTF

went to book fair wif shawn and wan li ...
never expect i will brought this much of books ...
never thought that i will spend so much money for it ...
much more than i spend for my clothing .. =.=''

tada ------------>>

the eng version - [One Fifth Avenue] & [Thanks for the Memories]

Chinese version --- as u can see ...

total cost : RM298

becoming a book-warm ?
perhaps ... ?
but its true that I'm already addicted to books .... =)


some of you may concern , how's my work @ THE STAR
oh .... how should I say ?
It's just too complicated

wear formal to work everyday , pass LDP toll everyday, park my car at B2 everyday, brainstorming everyday, been taught / educated everyday, perhaps some complain as well
argggg ~~~
its too lame to describe it anymore ...
but the conclusion is I DON'T LIKE THIS JOB, BUT I'M FORCED TO WORK !!

thanks god that I'm still quite lucky cause I no need to work for 7 days a week and my working hour is 9am-5.15pm , break time is 1pm-2pm

thanks god again for whenever I need my dear, he is just right beside me
Thanks for being there for me .... mental support is reli help !!

the department

my work place
yeap ... my lappie is still following me =)

this will be following me 3 months more ....

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