Sunday, February 24, 2008

valentine - part 3

10 / 02

went out wif dear again to pavilion today ..

erm .. just coz of i never been here ..

just camwhore here n there ..
nth to do ...

the outside of pavilion ..
i do luv de background so much

hey .. they show off my car n didn ask for my premission ..

the CNY deco of pavilion ..
not reli nice for me ..

after tat .. went to starhill for a while ..
its totally not suite us ..

stay at k.l. just around 3 hrs ..
then back to kepong baru ..
v went to old folks home

yea .. finally v did smth diff =p
v just donated some biscuit for them ..
n giv them angpao ..

i noe i still not yet marry ...
but its ok for me ..
as long as they happy

aftertat ,
chit -chat wif them ..

although i did nth much ..
but they still so happy ..
n me too
just de feel ...
warm around us ~~

valentine - part 2

09 / 02

went to 1u again ...
for 2ns time of valentine's celebration ..

hav de breakfast at old town

nth to do actually ..
just i 看中 a bag y'day ...
i like it very much ..
so today went here again ..
let me look around still got anything better than it or not ..
else , dear will buy it as my valentine present ...

herm .. de bag quite exps for us ..
coz v still student wat ..

anywhere ..
hav our lunch at there also ..
de vietnam restaurant ..

[ ^^^^ wif de new scraf i bought today ]

hehe .. so luckly ..
胡杏儿 came to 1u today ..
she is the 1 who wearing white colour shirt ..
yeah ..
she's so pretty n tall ..

aftertat ,
shop here n there ...
play around ..
finally ...
get this bag also ...

the inside of de bag ..

nth is better than this ..
yeah yeah (^^y)
just dear sad lor ...
de purse become thinner n thinner liao ... =p

plus last time he bought at Sunway Pyramid de ..

2 t-shirt

n last time i broke de perfume ..

dear 's puse reli 大出血
haha ..

i dun wan my birthday gift from u d lar dear ..
wat u did to me its reli enough ..
just remember
stay beside me forever .......

luv u ~~
heartzzz u ~~~

valentine - part 1

08 / 02

haiz ...
very sad lar today ...
coz bos chosed today as 开工日
very very bad ...
same as valentine day .........

our 2nd valentine ..
but can celebrate together ...

afternoon ..
had de 开工宴 colleagues at jalan imbi's 海外天
erm .. de food damn delicious ..
after tat
they start gamble there ..
i dunno wat to do there ..
just wait to back office ..


time just gone wif nth .....

bos said v stay here til after dinner lar ..
no need back office d ..

fuck !!
then y i come har ?

i cant tahan ...
told mummy i wan back , i wan meet him !!!
ok ..
mummy allowed
then i rush back .. go fetch my dear to 1u

had our dinner at 广东主厨
erm .. damn nice too
i like de 山水豆腐花
yummy ~~

after tat .. shop here n there lor ..

1u 's valentine deco ..
yea ~~ nice !!
sososo many choc there ...
big n look real ..

shop shop shop ....
bought dear a pair of new shoes from convers ..
but no pic here .. =(

i get dear's lovely kiss ..

de green colour shit ^^^^
also dear's valentine present ..

[ happy valentine day !! ]

Thursday, February 21, 2008

happy CNY


went to my ' next ' school today ..
coz mummy wan noe more bout my course n de way they teach
n look around of de school's environment ..

aftertat ..
went to de nearest shopping complex lor , sunway pyramid
of course only me n dear ^^

wao ..
its such a long time i never been there ..
its changed a lot !!
somemore got new-wing d ..
nice !!

arrived there ,
de 1st thing v wanna do is ---------> EAT
damn hungry lar ...
finally , v decided to hav our lunch at Dragon-i



crazy again ??
yaya .. coz too hungry ..

this de CNY deco of S.P
damn nice ler ...
i luv de big flower there ...

this is de valentine deco ..
yeah !!
i like it very much ..

n i like de light too ..

this is de way to MARRAKESH
erm ... dunno how to describe ..
just got de feel like goin to india d ..

when i wanna go toilet , i saw this
de doll ..
quite cute .. ^^



this cafe is just outside of S.P
i think it will be de place where i'll always go after i start my study .. =)

haha .. nth to post d ... wait for my next post lar ..

valentine ~~

happy CNY


went out wif fren to BTS again ..
lame ~~

this time went out wif shawn ,
who just came back from UK ..
travell almost one month there ... super rich guy eva ~~

n hong yee , henry , n da form 4 gals ..

got shawn here .. wat to do ?
cheong k lar of course ~~ ^.^

til 3 smth , they went to watch kung fu dunk
left me alone in da shopping complex ..
i didn join them coz wan watch this movie wif my dear ..

after tat
7 smth , they watch de 2nd movie .. but is de 1st movie for me

luv this movie !!!

2 thumbs up ler !!

the cute 1 ~~

n the most funny part ^^

nite ,
plan to go ice bar ...
but finally cancelled d ..
bored !!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

happy CNY


i didn follow my parents go seremban today ..
but i got my plan for today ..

for sure ------ hang out wif frenz
i went BTS wif my darl , vni
damn miss her ler..
its long time ago v din meet up d ..

haiz !!
fucking 衰 today

i went to vni hse in da morning ..
while she is preparing ,
i aslo playing make-up thing in da room
but then ..
pok ~~ 敲到门
just luckly i didn hurt my eyes ..
but is somewhere near my eye ..
it then 肿了
damn pain ler ..

v went to lot 10 1st when reach k.l.
i meet a ' chi bai malay pork ' promoter ..
very regret i didn throw de shirt to her tat time !!

i bought a perfume
n v went to toilet ..
then i used de perfume ..
plang ~~
broke d !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
arh ..
gonna cry tat time ..
i just used it 1 time only ler wei
money fly d .. perfume gone d ..
n somemore
i hurt my finger !!

wats wrong hur today ..???
shit !!

after tat ..
i dun wanna stay at the 'ghost place ' anymore
so went to sg wang

yea .. reli enjoy when shop wif vni ..
try this try tat ..

but ... moments of happiness will not last long
vni meet wif her fren n went to 1u
n me also meet wif my classmate
finally .. v seperate n gether wif our own frenz

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy CNY !!


期待新年的到来 ;
haiz ..
no choice .. hav to do it also ..
v used half day to clean up our hse ..

nite .. prepare our dinner ..
5 ppls .. had our reunion dinner at home ..
yeah ~~

9 smth ..
went out yam cha wif my fellow frenz ..
kaisven was back from s'pore
he told us his life there ..
cheh ~~~~~~~ reli like wat u said ?

then 11 smth ..
rush back home , coz gonna 拜拜 ma

after tat .. i watch tv til 3 am only sleep ..


back to hometown ..
huhu ~~ de 1st time i drive back from ma hse ..

i was so excited when meet up wif my relatives ..
damn miss them .. exspecially my cousins

n de super ' guai lan ' 1 -- cousin bro

my grandma

my s'pore cousin sis

wat i did ?
- watch movie de whole day ..
- get angpao
- ate those dry food [ gui ga bet , nga gu , mi fong wo .....]
yummy yummy ~~
n tats y .. gals like CNY but also hate CNY
this is how i become fatter ..

after dinner ..
my favourite !!

i like de feel
all of us round de table .. n yeld 捞啊 ,捞啊 ,捞啊 ..

nite .......
boring boring boring
v start gamble ..
wuhoo ..
my dad is de 庄家
erm .. should say is 财神爷 ^.^
always lose 1 .. kaka

galble til 12 smth only sleep ..
siaoz ~~


hate today ..
coz i lost RM 200 ..
n i noe who did it ..
just she dun wan to admit !!
fucker !!!
anywhere ..
i sure u will get 报应 later ..

after dinner ..
went back home

nite go mom's side grandma hse hav dinner ..
after dinner .. chit chat wif my mom , grandma n aunt ..
n of course ..
drink alchohol ..
yeah .. i like this ..

its from japan n when i drink it ..
i felt very 顺口

herm ..
wats de meaning of " super dry " ?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


y'day is de last day work at office ..
so v got lucky draw ..

erm .. not so excited lar actually ..
coz de present all ...
not attractive .. *.*

de most expensive one is a hamper ...
i think .. 300++
then 2nd also hamper , cost 200++
n etc

skip de ' sap sap sui ' one ..

finally ..
i get de 2nd exps de hamper ... n mummy get a rice cooker ..
haiz ... again n again ..
rice cooker ~~~~~~~~~~
my hse got many d lar .. 3$%$#

^^^^ my hamper ^^^^

focus focus focus ......

yes ...
my love ~~
----------------> ferrero rocher <-----------------
( ~~ gold gold ~~ )

de small one ..
dear bough it for me when i sick tat time ... =)

i do luv this chocolate sosososo much ...
de nuts n choc melt in my mouth ..
hoo hoo ....

[ siaoz ^^ ]

okok ..
another one is red wine ..

this ...
i will open when meet wif all my fren ..
will having a party soon i think ..
so c ya .. my dearest fren / classmates ^.^