Thursday, February 21, 2008

happy CNY


went to my ' next ' school today ..
coz mummy wan noe more bout my course n de way they teach
n look around of de school's environment ..

aftertat ..
went to de nearest shopping complex lor , sunway pyramid
of course only me n dear ^^

wao ..
its such a long time i never been there ..
its changed a lot !!
somemore got new-wing d ..
nice !!

arrived there ,
de 1st thing v wanna do is ---------> EAT
damn hungry lar ...
finally , v decided to hav our lunch at Dragon-i



crazy again ??
yaya .. coz too hungry ..

this de CNY deco of S.P
damn nice ler ...
i luv de big flower there ...

this is de valentine deco ..
yeah !!
i like it very much ..

n i like de light too ..

this is de way to MARRAKESH
erm ... dunno how to describe ..
just got de feel like goin to india d ..

when i wanna go toilet , i saw this
de doll ..
quite cute .. ^^



this cafe is just outside of S.P
i think it will be de place where i'll always go after i start my study .. =)

haha .. nth to post d ... wait for my next post lar ..

valentine ~~

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