Monday, August 30, 2010

Suprise part 2

Oh well, here's another SUPRISE, I quit from my work. Wuhoo ~~~ only 10 days working life, and that's it! Reason? I bet you wouldn't want to know it, just too ridiculous ! So, what to do now? I've no idea, should I step back to event field or as I plan b4, tuition teacher or kinder garden teacher will do? Btw, it will be only until I get my Diploma cert, then start the Part 2 of my life.


Ok, start another topic shall we?
My first time for beach wedding. =)

The first day we reached Redang was rainy day, and the bride cried for the bad weather. She worried that her wedding cant go as planned, but thanks god, the wedding day itself is too sunny til we cant stop complaining. Pity the groom and the groomsman =(

Lovely wedding I can say. So sweet of Vic's parents, especially the father, who will never stint to share his life experience and he makes our day full of joy. Johnny, Sara and Steven also kind enough to us. We do exchange our culture, the food and of course the beer culture every night as well. It's really fun to spent time with them.

Last but not least, the sweet newlyweds of Harris family

Sunday, August 29, 2010






Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Man Who Can't Be Moved

The thing we used to do together. I'm really glad that you are not that kind of guy who will wait the gf outside the shop, but you shop together with me or even more than me.

We shopping b4 we go to Redang.
You grap your superb T-shirt at Quick Silver, but I cant get any nice slippers.

Finally, I get my superb too

Issey Miyake snapshoot the scent when we were still belong together.

You hold my hand tight by the beach

I lye on you on the chair
You blaming me keep changing position cause I wanna enjoy the sparkling stars

We had a sweet heart talk
And tears drop where you can't see in my deep heart

The Man Who Cant Be Moved


掛 住 你


Now I totally understand what Ryan said last time : " sometimes suprise will make your life more suprise. "

Remember one of my article was saying I confusing about what should I do and bla bla. I said I used to plan for the future and what's the next I wanna do. Look, I'm in event line now. Which I never ever expected I will enter this field at this half graduated level. Seriously, I never thought that I will step in here for this fast. I just planning to be tuition teacher instead, half study and half working, 50 : 50. But now seems different, ratio should change to study vs work, 10 : 90. I need to put more effort on my work, since we were so so so short of man power.

These are the so called "suprise" appeared in my life now, so much tension, people, work etc. I loose control last week, til I though to quit the job. Story neither long nor short, but I'm too lazy to explain here. Skip that, I'm now still working with them, work hard together. Event is just another 2 weeks time, pray hard babe. WE ARE NOT ALLOW TO FAIL THE PROJECT. >.<

I think I'm still not use to that so called "suprise".