Monday, August 30, 2010

Suprise part 2

Oh well, here's another SUPRISE, I quit from my work. Wuhoo ~~~ only 10 days working life, and that's it! Reason? I bet you wouldn't want to know it, just too ridiculous ! So, what to do now? I've no idea, should I step back to event field or as I plan b4, tuition teacher or kinder garden teacher will do? Btw, it will be only until I get my Diploma cert, then start the Part 2 of my life.


Ok, start another topic shall we?
My first time for beach wedding. =)

The first day we reached Redang was rainy day, and the bride cried for the bad weather. She worried that her wedding cant go as planned, but thanks god, the wedding day itself is too sunny til we cant stop complaining. Pity the groom and the groomsman =(

Lovely wedding I can say. So sweet of Vic's parents, especially the father, who will never stint to share his life experience and he makes our day full of joy. Johnny, Sara and Steven also kind enough to us. We do exchange our culture, the food and of course the beer culture every night as well. It's really fun to spent time with them.

Last but not least, the sweet newlyweds of Harris family

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