Thursday, July 31, 2008

cyber clean @ MVEC

24/7 ~ 27/7

promote cleasing agent - cyber clean
at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

i work alone at the 1st day ..
walk around de Exhibition hall ..
chit chat here n there ...
of course selling my thing as well

i ' attact ' de workers
ask them to buy my staff
n then
they attact me back n ask me to buy thier product ~~

anyway , quite enjoy during this job
i noe lots of fren at there
especially the Maybank Etiqa members
they r funny ppl , very friendly also
here u go ~~

the 1st ppl tat i chat wif was her
Ms Fanny -->
she helps me a lot , intro some customers 4 me
chit chat wif me when i was bored .. etc
ya , she just like my mummy

n then the others was here ..

they all were etiqa members ~~

will n me
he sell bed ~~

ah ming gor n me - a very very cute uncle
he selling diamond

they all just act like concierge ~~

ok ..
i stop here ..
next article will be my wella hair show experience ~~

[ sry for late update my dear frenz ~~ ]

Sunday, July 20, 2008

BeauteCosmo 2008

ok ..
2nd part time job is already done by me ..

herm ..
i do love this job ...
coz my boss , my colleague were such a pretty nice ppl
i even meet patricia , my sunsilk roadshow colleague
n 1 more
adrian's sis ..
wao ~~
the world reli small ..
[ wat a broken eng =p]

herm ..
tats a family business actually ..
so there is no pressure when v work
no need to be so hardworking to sell ..
no such thing for incentives
everything just awesome ~~

our meal is provided everyday
rice everyday except de 1st day v ate fried noodles
the following 3 days ,
our meal is provided by PWTC , boss paid

v selling accessories ..
such as brushes , mask , make up accessories etc
tats y v only need to serve ppl when they ask for help ..
n me .. be cashier for 2 days like tat ..
so good .. no need to talk so much

v work from 10am - 7pm
de time just pass very fast ..
coz normally exhibition is tat much ppl no matter weekdays or weekends
so .. v were like ..
oh .. finish d ~~
' fong gong ' lu ~~

ok , photos here
i only got the opportunity to take pic when v finish everything

but this is de 1 v took at the last day b4 work ..

our enemy .. just beside our booth

keep everything into box edy lu

the last day v curi tulang a bit ..
go do this body art ..
tats lee ting's n mine
our pattern look similar

mine ~~

the company's name

besides tat
v also did a temporary tatto
erm .. its colourful tatto

this is mine , at my neck ..
noe wats tat ?
ppls said tat's love bite ~~~

of course i bought many thing from them also
c ~~

1 more bath gown is not in de pic
its just cost RM 30 but actually its worth RM 95
so good right ?
wuhoo ~~~~

Friday, July 18, 2008

birthday celebration for dearest grandma


grandma's birthday ..
back to hometown for the celebration
actually is only a dinner at restaurant ..

herm ..
de food
only average level .. [ u noe lar .. kampung area ..]
n of course
my 2nd uncle will never forget to bring some wine together

after dinner
went back home ..
2nd round ~~~
everybody chit chat here n there ..
de environment started to b noisy n noisier n 'crowded' ~~~
v all talking loud , laughing like no body business ..
somemore photo shooting ...
every1 so bz here n there

ok .. sing song lor ...
happy birthday to grandma ~~

i reli like to c this smile from my grandma ..
i do love her very very much ~~

de birthday cake

this oldest grandchild
my oldest cousin ..
sing the cantonese birthday song alone for my grandma

ya ..
beside my dad is de most crazy n 38 ppl in this big family ..
my this cousin was de 2nd 38 ppl
they always talking fool n stupid stuff ...
but need to thx them as well ..
bring lots of happiness for us ~~ =)

n this was me ...
iisshh ~~
wat a stupid face ..
coz i'm not looking at de camera but another camera ..
too bad ~~

de half granddaughter

de half grandson also

de mix

de daughter-in-law

the son ~~

all of us reli enjoy ourself tat day ...
herm .. me too


ok .. b4 tat ..
i went to mid valley today for a part time job interview
dear accompany me to go there ..

took pictures at de KTM station

aiyer .. always de blur eyes ..
stupid ~~

after the interview

did a little bit shopping ..
here's de photos ~~

remember tat time i said i tried 2 types of dress ..
this is another 1 which is similar ..

n this .. very nice + sexy ..
lol ..
somemore mega sales now ..
i like it ..
but never buy coz dunno wat for ~~
lame ........

lastly ...
ppl , guess where is here ba .. =)

Friday, July 11, 2008


i followed kah wei's car to 1u for gym today

as usual , hav de breakfast at the malay stall
chit chat a while
but i gone crazy ~~
luckily v were in de room , not outdoor
coz i reli laugh out loud ..
wat de silly language ..

i join de cycling class
yeah , my 1st time
at 1st , de coach help me to adjust the ' bicycle '
de 1st 20 min reli killing me
its reli tough to cycle n i dunno how to adjust
but aftertat , i found de ans

i m not tat tired after all
just felt pretty comfort after sweating
herm , i think de 1st 20 mins i sweat more than de after
coz i make it more smooth n yes , i sweat less also

anywhere , just 1 thing to complain
de steam room not yet repair
wtf man ~~~~~

i wanna use it !!
i hate suana , its reli dry
suck off all my moisture ..

i meet up wif my dear at 11 smth
planned to hav a movie
but timing not match
v just did a little bit shopping
but b4 tat , lunch of course

finally i visited here again
miss u lots !!

this is me

n my food

fabulous ~~

one more is de egg tart
i think i should help to do some advertisement
reli reli soft , de taste of egg just awesome
i always always pack some back or just eat when shopping
beatifically ~~~~~~~~
[ sry , i accidentally delete de photo , upload next time .. ]

i was not reli in da shopping mood nowadays
mayb coz lack of money
i long time never shop
coz of my bz n bz life
or ..
price rising of petrol !!!!!
reli affecting my life ..
i hav to spend lesser n lesser

but my dear was reverse
he wan to buy everything
shoes , bag , shirt .....
be hard up
************ sienz ***********

i tried some shirt at padini concept store
herm .. i started to like long shirt or dress
quite suite me also .. isn't it ?

not much to post ..

big load off my mind

ok .. finally
done my 5 paper
so called final exam

4 months time just pass like de speed of light
i finish my Sem 1
n now ...
having my sem break for 1 month ++

hurray ..
i been waiting this so long ..
i can sleep til late
i can on9 til late
i can watch movie til late
i can do everything tat i like without worry bout my study

wao ~~~~~~~~~
such a pretty nice feel

Sunday, July 6, 2008


sien sien sien

i hate to face book
hate to study ..
make me sleepy
lame !!!!

wat to do ?
tml is our final ..
3 days to go ~~
5 subject to carry

should be happy coz our subject is lesser than others

reli hard
i dunno wat the hell was tat ..
very scare of the question which set by ms rekha
business eng
i also dunno wat the hell v need to do wif this paper ..
principles of mice
this is only the 1 i can its my cup of tea ..
n i already noe my marks but excluded final exam paper which is 54.6
25 marks again i can guarantee get A for it

i miss my dear so much now
i need him to calm me down n stay beside me ..
at least i m not alone
n i noe during this period will be more interesting for sure


ok ......
dun bother bout exam now

friday nite fetch sis to the curve then went to 1u wif dear
watch this movie


herm .. 2 thumbs up
its reli long time ago i didn say ' LOVE ' to movie
n this is the one made me say again
' i do luv this movie , Get Smart '

its kinda amusing n sometimes wif a tense atmosphere of course
n de most important part was it end up wif a satisfied ending

worth to c this ^.^

Saturday, July 5, 2008


another decoration done by us ..
herm .. just a very simple balloon arch at foyer
n this is de result ...

b4 tat , when v heard tat v need to do a ballon arch ..
i was like wanna cry d ..
my god
balloon again r .. remember tat teacher's day luncheon
de deco also full wif the balloon
that time v can use helium gas n also a pump to pump the ballon

but this time dun hav helium gas , only pump
can u imagine how pity us ??

luckily on tat day
ham brought a machine from toyota company to blow in de air
wao .. reli fast n make our work much more easier ..

on de way doin ~~
i get cheat by ms yati ..
gosh ....
i reli stupid lor !!
she said wanna cancel this job edy
coz its was 5pm , very late d .. she wan go back home
her face was tat serious n fierce ..
then me n elaine look at each other ..
thinking tat izit true ..
n then miss yati very happy n say ' no lar , just kidding '
iisshh ~
wat the hell

ok , this photo ..
v actually showing our ass
but the camera girl just shoot n v r not yet prepare as u can c ~~

ok .....
i got a new ' flower name ' after this project
[ M I S S P E R F E C T I O N I S T ]
because i keep on blaming tat the arch not perfect
n keep on ' repair ' it

oh ya ..
morning .. i went to celebrity
then wait dear finish his class
n had our lunch at BBQ Plaza
yeah ..
i hav to say that 1u's BBQ Plaza is much more nicer than sunway pyramid 's BBQ Plaza

Thursday, July 3, 2008

sunsilk roadshow girl

my 1st roadshow job ..
promote sunsilk shampoo ..

em ..
i gain lots of knowledge there ..
know many new frens
n they were just pretty nice ..

but but but
de worst part was
i ordered to wear white shoes .. heels also can
ya .. i only hav covered white heels
n i dun think tat i need to buy anew shoes just for this job ..
waste money ler .........
so i wear on the 1st day
start from 8pm
my leg cant stand anymore
n u noe the covered shoes ..
gosh ~~ make me more suffer ..
its killing me !!!!!!

2nd day .. last day also
but my leg .....
aih ........
cannot lar !! hav to buy new shoes ..
n then during break time i went vincce n bought 1
wat the hell ~~~~~~

but anywhere .......
i could say
i enjoy this job ......

photos here -------->>

em .. not this little roadshow girl
i think there is around 10 gals not in this pic ..

v wif the MC - Alan

oh .. y he looks like tat ?

me n the MC

me wif this pretty gal ..

my 2 supervisor ..
showing piece tat girl
she interviewed me last time ..
wah .. she is kinda serious n look fierce ..
scary ....

n when v noe tat our last day work is in charge by her
v were like ....
oh no ~~~ i dun wan ..

but until tat day
for me ..
she is not fierce ..
she treat us kinda nice
ya .. cant deny tat her face reli look fierce
but she just wan the us to do well on this job

this is our DJ
herm .. my very 1st time take picture wif malay guy ..
oh ..
how i did tat ?
can't imagine ler ..
coz i was tat hate malay pork ~~ =p

n finally

i get my personal sunsilk diary book
haha .. for us , tats free
v get the professional photographer to took photo for us ..

nth much to say again ..
bye ~~