Thursday, July 3, 2008

sunsilk roadshow girl

my 1st roadshow job ..
promote sunsilk shampoo ..

em ..
i gain lots of knowledge there ..
know many new frens
n they were just pretty nice ..

but but but
de worst part was
i ordered to wear white shoes .. heels also can
ya .. i only hav covered white heels
n i dun think tat i need to buy anew shoes just for this job ..
waste money ler .........
so i wear on the 1st day
start from 8pm
my leg cant stand anymore
n u noe the covered shoes ..
gosh ~~ make me more suffer ..
its killing me !!!!!!

2nd day .. last day also
but my leg .....
aih ........
cannot lar !! hav to buy new shoes ..
n then during break time i went vincce n bought 1
wat the hell ~~~~~~

but anywhere .......
i could say
i enjoy this job ......

photos here -------->>

em .. not this little roadshow girl
i think there is around 10 gals not in this pic ..

v wif the MC - Alan

oh .. y he looks like tat ?

me n the MC

me wif this pretty gal ..

my 2 supervisor ..
showing piece tat girl
she interviewed me last time ..
wah .. she is kinda serious n look fierce ..
scary ....

n when v noe tat our last day work is in charge by her
v were like ....
oh no ~~~ i dun wan ..

but until tat day
for me ..
she is not fierce ..
she treat us kinda nice
ya .. cant deny tat her face reli look fierce
but she just wan the us to do well on this job

this is our DJ
herm .. my very 1st time take picture wif malay guy ..
oh ..
how i did tat ?
can't imagine ler ..
coz i was tat hate malay pork ~~ =p

n finally

i get my personal sunsilk diary book
haha .. for us , tats free
v get the professional photographer to took photo for us ..

nth much to say again ..
bye ~~

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