Friday, July 18, 2008

birthday celebration for dearest grandma


grandma's birthday ..
back to hometown for the celebration
actually is only a dinner at restaurant ..

herm ..
de food
only average level .. [ u noe lar .. kampung area ..]
n of course
my 2nd uncle will never forget to bring some wine together

after dinner
went back home ..
2nd round ~~~
everybody chit chat here n there ..
de environment started to b noisy n noisier n 'crowded' ~~~
v all talking loud , laughing like no body business ..
somemore photo shooting ...
every1 so bz here n there

ok .. sing song lor ...
happy birthday to grandma ~~

i reli like to c this smile from my grandma ..
i do love her very very much ~~

de birthday cake

this oldest grandchild
my oldest cousin ..
sing the cantonese birthday song alone for my grandma

ya ..
beside my dad is de most crazy n 38 ppl in this big family ..
my this cousin was de 2nd 38 ppl
they always talking fool n stupid stuff ...
but need to thx them as well ..
bring lots of happiness for us ~~ =)

n this was me ...
iisshh ~~
wat a stupid face ..
coz i'm not looking at de camera but another camera ..
too bad ~~

de half granddaughter

de half grandson also

de mix

de daughter-in-law

the son ~~

all of us reli enjoy ourself tat day ...
herm .. me too


ok .. b4 tat ..
i went to mid valley today for a part time job interview
dear accompany me to go there ..

took pictures at de KTM station

aiyer .. always de blur eyes ..
stupid ~~

after the interview

did a little bit shopping ..
here's de photos ~~

remember tat time i said i tried 2 types of dress ..
this is another 1 which is similar ..

n this .. very nice + sexy ..
lol ..
somemore mega sales now ..
i like it ..
but never buy coz dunno wat for ~~
lame ........

lastly ...
ppl , guess where is here ba .. =)