Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Out of nothing at all

Morning Peeps, I'm here again =)

I attended and be the volunteer for a charity event, if you've notice, I posted the news at fb, the Mini Recycling Exhibition held at Desa Park City on last Sunday. Not to say so much about the details, but I'm here to share what I've experience.

[ Change to Chinese ok ? Sorry Banana =( ]

参与慈济已是两三年前的事,这次的重跃不是为了别的 ,就是希望帮助需要的人,再来是自己的私心,我希望我可以再清醒一些,又或者,我选择躲在这里与世隔离,因为这里不会有丑恶的人。


关于环保,人类其实就是毁灭地球的最归祸首。有太多的行为,太多的举动,不是没有经过思考,而是三思了,还是走向 ‘歪’ 路。

人生苦短,不是样样都尝试才不会枉过吗? 人生苦短,吃得是福,不吃是笨蛋。我没有否认全部,只是不同的人有不同的观点,因为体验到了不同的东西,我希望自己的付出会为自己带来收获。我没有奢望自己的能力可以救地球, 至少我还可以改变身边的人,我可以为我的下一代做少许的贡献,我希望他们看见的世界还是美妙的。

其实有没有想过,为什么以前的人会这么健康,现代人那么体弱多病?你说他们穷,吃,住得不好吗 ?现在叻?你吃得很好, 住得很好,又怎样了? 我说你就是吃太多‘表面’太好的东西, 你才是真正的笨蛋。 不多说,我深信,因为人们的种种要求,而为自己带来种种疾病,这是自己自讨苦吃。



-- 没有传教的意思,纯粹是个人体验后的感言--

Friday, November 5, 2010

These are where I call HEAVEN

The dressing room occupied with all kind of clothes

The shoes cabinet with all kind of heels, slacks, slippers etc

The home sweet home like this

The bed room which connected with the sky and fresh air


Just Here,

In you HEART

I don't wanna miss a thing
I don't wanna miss YOU

I don't mind waiting for something that's worth waiting for
I don't mind waiting YOU

I just wanna care for YOU
because YOU are the only one who deserve it
and own MY HEART

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hey Wednesday

Sorry for MIA for so long again. Life gone better when I realized I got so much of friends around me still. Babe having his lovely life too, and he slim down quite a bit... awww~~~ =(

Went to relax our mind and smell for the fresh air, Cameron Highland is always the best place ever. Not much entertainment, but is the time for all of us to be tie together again. It's the first time ever I travel with the bench-mates without the bf. Kinda sad thou....

We went to the jungle tracking and treasure for Rafflesia. Fu*king awesome experience with the 4 wheel drive and we gone so crazy with shouting and sweating in the small car. That's really out of our expectation. If you go up to the hill, please try that, but remember to get the travel agency and tour guide.

Tada, 45 mins walking to this smelly flower, doesn't seems to be that big and there's no smell. Kinda dissappointed ler... FYI, our tour guide said there would be over 200 species of Rafflesia, and this is only 1 of them. The biggest species can reach 15m.. and the biggest we can get is at Sabah. Spot the cabbage beside, it's the baby Rafflesia. They took 8-9 months to be fully effloresce but their life time only 7 days.

We back to hotel after that. There's an issue where we suppose to get an apartment but not hotel room. Stupid agent's fault, but the hotel receptionist is just kind enough to give us Family Suite. Ok, no choice, we took that offer, and we're glad that we still manage to have our steamboat dinner. Other wise we gonna waste 99 liao...

This is only quarter portion of our dinner, we got chicken, fish, vege and bla bla bla .....

After dinner we go down to the night market. Wuhoo ~~~~ it's freaking COLD .... Tell you what, I tried the worst ice-cream ever there, yuk ~~ All also 'beh ciak ey' ... =S
Then we back to hotel and start the illegal business. Drunk ass for the night goes to ............

Kah Wei did something that we could never expected and the environment change all because of him. Anyway, is time for him to distress for so long. We all love you bro ^^

The next day, capture b4 we check-out.

Then we visited to those travel spot. Here comes the memories of mine when I last visited Cameron with the bf. Aiks, miss you so badly >.<

We settled our dinner at Ipoh. Delicious chicken rice we had, then headed back to KL.

You all gave me the joyful moment, I knew I'll never walk alone.
Sweet memory to be filled with you guys, is the thing I can't afford to lose and forget.