Monday, June 28, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Beloved DEMT & DHMT

Was really appreciate the time we hang out together. 2 and half years seem to flash by just like that. We left 2 weeks to final exam, and that's the time we say bye to each other. Felt really sad about it, and extremely upset which I can't graduate on time together with them. WTF !! I failed my Accounting twice, and I've to repeat it for another semester. God knows how much I hate Accounts yet I did put much effort for the resit paper, still, I failed again. My graduation had delayed as well as my plan after that. Holy shit, I lefted behind !!! How SAD !!!

Whatever whatever ..... I hope there will have something to gain in another way, PLEASE **cross hand**

Shen Min & Me

Farhah & Me
GFs of mine .... Listener of mine, adviser of mine too =)

The classmates, there's another 2 went missing ..

And the group of DEMT & DHMT of March'08 intake.

Gosh !! Gonna miss you guys much after that for sure !!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Watch Mayday on Jun day

Special thanks to Wan Li who offer the free entry ticket for us =D

Suppose to go watch movie on the night time, but then plan changed and we decided to go for Mayday concert which held at Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium. We reached about 6-ish and the crowd was not there... Oopsy, suprising ~~ Even when the concert started, the are still 30% empty seats, poor thing.

As you can see, our seat was RM348, and in front that was VIP seats with red chairs and further that was the rock corner... In front of that was the stage. Oh well, who will spend RM300+ to sit this far ?

I've no idea who are they whom performed as the opening gambit, guy's team from some competition I think. OMG, there were sucks !!! Til the 2nd performer, Ding Dang ... wow !! Awesome babe !! Her voice is so powerful and can reach til a very high pitch which not everyone can make it, and of course with her "Hai Tun Yin" which is her bench mark I think.

Mayday were the rockers man !! Rock all night long !! The only bad thing was the sound system wasn't that good, yet the lighting were thumbs up !! Will get the video from bf's phone and try to upload it asap ^^ They even got a theme with a story, and suddenly we saw a transformer. WOW !! Everyone shouting like hell and went so high... lolz

I rated this concert 6.5/10, as I'm not really into rock music and the sound system was the main cause.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Heart You As I Always Do, The Problem Is How Long Can It Last Still

Tired of waiting, Sick of hoping
But still waiting and hoping for the miracle, and asking what the hell am I doing

Cried yesterday after our argument and when everything cross over my mind, telling me our past stories and whatever you've done to me. Heart pain like no body knows and I felt so lost. Obviously, this wasn't me like what Shawn said. Yet, there's no one out there can understand my situation, or perhaps OUR situation indeed. The relationship was too complicated til I kept run away from that. Refusing and struggling to face the problems and reality. I have no idea why am I so scare, or I am just not ready for everything. You may say this is a very shitty excuse, even I felt so. I may be selfish as you never imagine or I am weak as you never thought.

Kept asking him to be more mature and independent; but in the other hand, I handle this issue like shit !! So immature and bloody reliable.

by Shawn

Sunday, June 6, 2010






没 有人理解的世界




那就让我在 空中停一停歇



My wish list babe !!!

Wanted to go all these place, with the love one...

Stay far away from the annoying city, spend time together, shop around with the sunny white colour maxi, walk beside the beach with our hand hold together, or perhaps he should just carry me along the way, have the candle light dinner, get a heart talk before falling asleep...

Oh yes honey, it was all in my wish list !! Work hard to make the dream come true !!

1st : Pulau Tioman

Berjaya Tioman Resort
Budget : Accommodation RM400 + Transportation RM100 + Others RM200

Superior Chalet, Facade Courtyard

Superior Chalet, Interior


2nd : Mountain Kota Kinabalu

This need some personal stamina training I guess. Work hard for it, I won't let myself to regret of did not conquer YOU. Go with a bunch of people might be more interesting and fun ... hmm , no idea bout the budget, RM600 in total ?

3rd : Manukan Island Sabah

Pretty awesome !!

4th : Bali

My dream land honey !! I will be willing to spend around RM2k here ... I wan YOU so badly =(

Watch the sun rise while he hugging me from behind, with a cup of coffee make by him, get a spa or massage treatment, walk to town, take the seafood dinner, come back to our private swimming pool, enjoy the jacuzzi and this call a day..

Ramada Resort Camakila

This is more to modern style, yet I love their swimming pool !! Kindly browse through this page

Bali Mulia Villas

This is extremely luxury package. The numbers of room are very limited as only 4 units with 2 bedrooms and 4 units with 3 bedrooms. Private swimming pool in each villa. Refer to here people :

Yea, sharing all these here, to remind myself , my dream will come true one day...
Work hard me love =D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

sudden trip to Penang

Boo : Tomorrow going to Penang you ok ?
Me : Wow, so suddenly ~~ ok, I'm ok....
Boo : On ! come fetch you at 5am tml

Suddenly Suddenly ~~
Yet, it was fun and nice =D

I book for our accommodation straight every one confirmed, then count down on Facebook. LOL

Gather at McD for breakfast. The two drivers said they slept early like 10pm, but they complaining they were actually cant sleep the whole night. Everyone look so damn sleepy yet excited for the trip. After breakfast, we depart to Penang.

of Course I following the BF's "porche"

and the other "Falali"

Raining all the way to Penang... Gosh, praying hard that Penang is sunny, or else it will be really potong steam.

Once reach Penang, the first thing we look for is definitely cheap and nice food as our breakfast.

Dry Hokkien Mee / Prawn Mee

Penang Char Keoy Teow

Fuh ... thumbs up babe !!!

Then check in to the hotel room. Nice view we had, Full Beach View, RM205 per room per night without breakfast with 2 single bed, but there's 4 person sharing one room. So gan jiong wanna take picture of the hotel d...

Ok, Off to Kik Lok Si after that.

He said those entrepreneur will pose like this, as if he was the one, and owned that much property =.=

The weather was bloody hot, Guys can't even stand still til we go further more, then decided to go for lunch lor.

Here you go, Asam Laksa

The place was dirty, yet people said : the more dirty the place is, the nicer the food..
Ok, I'm quite agree with it SOMETIMES, since there's really damn a lot people, and all of us have to squeeze into one small table to eat. OMG, I miss this so much now ~~

Back to hotel after that, time for the guys to show their muscles.

Michael Jackson was alive ?
No way man =.=

Shawn said he saw Spare tyre instead of muscles ... muahahaha

Hong Yee trying to act cute and innocent

After the beach, we were back to the hotel's swimming pool ... too bad I don't have the photo here, and everyone was having fun in the water, no one free to take photo. We were playing water polo and the 2 kids joined us as well. It was my first time of playing water polo, everyone having fun and keep shouting like hell. Wow, who cares ? =D

We had our Dinner at Gurney. Ordered all kind of food and side dishes. OMG, this is so enjoyable, cheap and delicious food. How I wish KL offer this kind of food too. No pictures too my dear =(


The next day, I woke up at 6am to check out the sun rise.

My eyes begging me back to the bed, so I couldn't wait til I see the egg yolk.

Check out, and at the hotel's lobby

Breakfast time again.. I had the very very very delicious chee cheong fun.
Simple, Cheap, Yummy !!

See the table, full with food ^^

Next round is the Taufu Fa just beside the Dai pai dong.

I can't differenciate what's the diff with the KL one.. hmmm

Then we went to the Temple of Sleeping Buddha

It was rain again, so where can we go? No choice, we head to Gurney Plaza for tea time, then wait for the rain to stop and planning for next station. The place was similar to The Street at The Curve, where the restaurant placed at the same side, and the middle of the road was the flea market.

Ok, Guys begging to go beach again, so Yong intro and brought us to another beach, which took around 45 minutes to reach.

This beach was cleaner than the hotel one, and some people picnic over there. Yong told us that this is where tsunami attacked before.

Kept our things, finish bath, off to Tambun for seafood dinner, then back to K.L.