Thursday, June 24, 2010

Watch Mayday on Jun day

Special thanks to Wan Li who offer the free entry ticket for us =D

Suppose to go watch movie on the night time, but then plan changed and we decided to go for Mayday concert which held at Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium. We reached about 6-ish and the crowd was not there... Oopsy, suprising ~~ Even when the concert started, the are still 30% empty seats, poor thing.

As you can see, our seat was RM348, and in front that was VIP seats with red chairs and further that was the rock corner... In front of that was the stage. Oh well, who will spend RM300+ to sit this far ?

I've no idea who are they whom performed as the opening gambit, guy's team from some competition I think. OMG, there were sucks !!! Til the 2nd performer, Ding Dang ... wow !! Awesome babe !! Her voice is so powerful and can reach til a very high pitch which not everyone can make it, and of course with her "Hai Tun Yin" which is her bench mark I think.

Mayday were the rockers man !! Rock all night long !! The only bad thing was the sound system wasn't that good, yet the lighting were thumbs up !! Will get the video from bf's phone and try to upload it asap ^^ They even got a theme with a story, and suddenly we saw a transformer. WOW !! Everyone shouting like hell and went so high... lolz

I rated this concert 6.5/10, as I'm not really into rock music and the sound system was the main cause.