Sunday, June 6, 2010

My wish list babe !!!

Wanted to go all these place, with the love one...

Stay far away from the annoying city, spend time together, shop around with the sunny white colour maxi, walk beside the beach with our hand hold together, or perhaps he should just carry me along the way, have the candle light dinner, get a heart talk before falling asleep...

Oh yes honey, it was all in my wish list !! Work hard to make the dream come true !!

1st : Pulau Tioman

Berjaya Tioman Resort
Budget : Accommodation RM400 + Transportation RM100 + Others RM200

Superior Chalet, Facade Courtyard

Superior Chalet, Interior


2nd : Mountain Kota Kinabalu

This need some personal stamina training I guess. Work hard for it, I won't let myself to regret of did not conquer YOU. Go with a bunch of people might be more interesting and fun ... hmm , no idea bout the budget, RM600 in total ?

3rd : Manukan Island Sabah

Pretty awesome !!

4th : Bali

My dream land honey !! I will be willing to spend around RM2k here ... I wan YOU so badly =(

Watch the sun rise while he hugging me from behind, with a cup of coffee make by him, get a spa or massage treatment, walk to town, take the seafood dinner, come back to our private swimming pool, enjoy the jacuzzi and this call a day..

Ramada Resort Camakila

This is more to modern style, yet I love their swimming pool !! Kindly browse through this page

Bali Mulia Villas

This is extremely luxury package. The numbers of room are very limited as only 4 units with 2 bedrooms and 4 units with 3 bedrooms. Private swimming pool in each villa. Refer to here people :

Yea, sharing all these here, to remind myself , my dream will come true one day...
Work hard me love =D

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