Sunday, April 27, 2008

25/4 - mid valley

so happy ...
from now on , v r free on fri d ..
yahoo !!!

today i went to mid valley wif my classmates

erm .. its fun

v plan to buy some material for our sales kits ..
but the end ..
v buy nth ~~~
gosh ~~

our lunch ..
erm its exps but only normal ..
i tot how delicious it is ~~

ok , this is my meal ...
huge ~~
n de most exps among them ..
actually its only normal ..
n i dunno y de nasi is orange colour de ...

a little bit likle shit ..
sry ...
my snap-shoot skill is tat bad ~~

n of course
shopping lo
find my prom nite dress for sure !!

de gold colour again

n this is THE GARDEN 's toilet
damn nice rite .. ?

i found smth very interest
i want my future hse got a room to collect all this !!

( those photo i upload when i get de photo ya .. )


2nd assignment is de decoration for de teacher's day
its carry 20% of our marks
sound interesting rite ...
but actually many thing happened among us
de group members
argument , agreement

anywhere ...
just wanna share some photos
i found from book

this i like de most ~~

this 3 is de fashion show event

this 1 .. i also dunno wat event is tat ..
smth like fair ..

n this ..
yea ~~
LV 's event ...


clown's event

erm ..
tats all

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

stressfull life

i admit
i m greedy at 1st
n hav a high expectation on myself

but at the end
wat i get
only money

in de other way
i reli need it
to prove
to help
to share
n of course for my life ... my future

i reli felt tat i rather to suffer now but not later
but actually
i cant win through
mentally pro

n sometimes
i felt like i must !!
coz already a promised

i tot i will be
use to it

but actually its reli very difficult for me to stand for

my school life
getting more n more assignment
more n more stress , tension
somemore get into an ...... assignment group
oh gosh ...
hell ~~~

i lost all my private time
to do my stuff
to entertain myself
to chill out wif fren
to watch tv
or do school stuff


gone !!!!!!!!!!

not to say regret
just ...
i wan some changes !!!!!!
wan some1 to lying on

just like this


incredible power ~~~~~

cherry dreaming ....................................=.=''

prom nite dress

i wan go smkte prom nite

this is some of the dress i tried

but actually i get de best which is red colour ..
just dun hav de photo ..
next time lar
i need some comment from my blog-readers ...





i get to went MID VALLEY
miss there a lots !!

its friday
so i decide to go cititell hotel also which near MV

de most important reason for went there is to shopping
oh gosh !!
i reli need shopping nowadays
just like part of my life which is quite important

find my prom nite dress
but actually i still not yet decide wan go or not
just survey , look around

i wearing very casual or even can say its sporty
since i wanna go cititell , so i gonna change my shirt
so at the end
i bought a pair of heels from vincci
i saw this long time ago
just didn buy ....
n then
a spaghetti from MNG
n then a skirt from lebalz

n then rush to cititel
u noe wat i get from them ?

F . U . C . K

they dunno wat is sales kits
ok , fine , i explained
then they said its not yet out , not yet ready
u noe now is april ?
got this suck thing called not yet out ...?????
gosh !!!!!!

n then meeting package
they dun hav also

just a small thing
how come de hotel dun hav hur ?
just spoiled de image i tell u !!

i still got class ..
bye MV

Sunday, April 20, 2008

formal wear

finally i get this photo from shawn-kid

thx ya

this is our formal wear ...

this is brighter

Monday, April 14, 2008

wats goin on my life ......

attend lecture
business plan

tuition class
exam revision class
test paper

i dunno is it count bz ..
but is tiring ..

wat i can do is just
make merry thereby ( is tat rite ? ) --> 从中作乐

another thing is
i do appreciate tat i m 2nd intake
i like my classmates
n its just suite me ..
either environment or de way v communicate
just my english is too bad !!!

must improve as fast as possible lar !!!

ok , here is some of my classmates

sue , elaine , hyuna n me

de gals ..

ms farhah n me .. ( de cutest gal )

wif my mummy ~~ - ham

farhah , me , ham . william .. ( silly guy )


downstairs is de GHH 's photo ..
yea ~~ cant deny
its totally nice !! fabulous !!

but ..........
work in [ this circle ] ( hospitality )
de game v played now call S E R V I C E
n their service is SUCK !!!


v reached there damn early ..
so v decided to hav our breakfast there ..

v ordered
2 set of continental breakfast

2 fried rice

n one is ham's japanese breakfast

de fried rice ..
very delicious !!
just de prawn ......... fcuk !!
if i m not wearing professional
i sure ask de chef out n try de prawn
its just like shit !!
n ham said its soft like cotton ..
sure lar ..its not fresh like hell !!

anywhere .. v paid de bill too

after tat , meet wif de person in charge
she is ms chan , if i m not mistaken

she was well dress up ..
but the way she treat de gals .. its suck !!

she only talking to ham but not us ..
she walk very fast , n just left us behind ..
shit ..
she didn even bother de gals ..
huh !!!!

everythiong is not yet well prepared ..
wat they need to show us , de door is looked ..
n she said ' sry .. de door looked d .. n dun hav de key right now '
omg !!
since u noe v r coming , u should prepare everything wat

anywhere ..
1 smth , v leave there ...
i dun wanna stay there even 1 second more !!!

de hells is killing my leg ......
i hope can reach home as soon as possible !!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

golden horses hotel


front of GHH


inside there got wedding dresses , the set up ...

the japanese restaurant

de white colour one .. ( no name )
inside can be use as function room

haha .. toilet

restaurant , this is where v hav our breakfast today ..

kimma restaurant

2nd times


i still remember ..
the 1st time i went desa park city
tat day was sven's hse open day
n aftertat ryan fetch me back ..
n i asked him to bring me to his abode -- desa park city

tat time .. everything is not finish done yet
just remember got a big pond there ..
then now bcome waterfront d ..

n then he describe the types of hse there ..
erm ...
quite enjoy ner ...
i envy him damn much ...

ok ,
today i went there wif my dear ..

did u seen siao po b4 ?
yaya .. she is the one ..
very siao + S.s

n then this ..

n then both of us ..
oh ..
i think this is de very 1st time he act naughty

yam cha at secret recipe

yea , i do lub appletiser !!
n another one is dear's ice latte

wat can i conclude is ..
i do lub desa park city ..
its kind of high class adobe ..
n the scenery is nice too ..

will i be one of the hse owner here ??
cheh ~~ dreaming ~~~~


28 / 03

oh yea .. finally ..
meet up wif my darl ... n quinnie them ..

its again ..
the curve ............

this time ,
i wan change books ,
by printer ,
n buy pen drive

nth so special actually ....
just post photo ba ..

so chuan wo darl ..