Wednesday, April 2, 2008


after school
went the curve .. =.=''

this is bcoz ..
i gonna start my home tuition class on next tues ..
n i went there to buy my students's reference book

v had our lunch 1st after reached there ..

^^^^^^^kim gary^^^^^^^

aftertat go popular buy books

then shop , try shirt n buy shirt .. =p

erm .. i like the feel of this photo ..
but i dunno how to describe it ..
sry ~~

n then yam cha wif hong yi ..
yeah .. v order the super super long roti tissue ..
nice !!

( hong yi looks so sienz )

yeah ..
i admit tat i reli repeat all the thing very often ..
n its again ..

lub this ' la mian '

n also ' xiu long bao '

i reli can felt the big satisfactory after finish all tat ..

( 7 sin hor ^^^^^ )

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