Saturday, April 5, 2008

2nd times


i still remember ..
the 1st time i went desa park city
tat day was sven's hse open day
n aftertat ryan fetch me back ..
n i asked him to bring me to his abode -- desa park city

tat time .. everything is not finish done yet
just remember got a big pond there ..
then now bcome waterfront d ..

n then he describe the types of hse there ..
erm ...
quite enjoy ner ...
i envy him damn much ...

ok ,
today i went there wif my dear ..

did u seen siao po b4 ?
yaya .. she is the one ..
very siao + S.s

n then this ..

n then both of us ..
oh ..
i think this is de very 1st time he act naughty

yam cha at secret recipe

yea , i do lub appletiser !!
n another one is dear's ice latte

wat can i conclude is ..
i do lub desa park city ..
its kind of high class adobe ..
n the scenery is nice too ..

will i be one of the hse owner here ??
cheh ~~ dreaming ~~~~

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