Sunday, April 27, 2008

25/4 - mid valley

so happy ...
from now on , v r free on fri d ..
yahoo !!!

today i went to mid valley wif my classmates

erm .. its fun

v plan to buy some material for our sales kits ..
but the end ..
v buy nth ~~~
gosh ~~

our lunch ..
erm its exps but only normal ..
i tot how delicious it is ~~

ok , this is my meal ...
huge ~~
n de most exps among them ..
actually its only normal ..
n i dunno y de nasi is orange colour de ...

a little bit likle shit ..
sry ...
my snap-shoot skill is tat bad ~~

n of course
shopping lo
find my prom nite dress for sure !!

de gold colour again

n this is THE GARDEN 's toilet
damn nice rite .. ?

i found smth very interest
i want my future hse got a room to collect all this !!

( those photo i upload when i get de photo ya .. )

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