Monday, April 14, 2008


downstairs is de GHH 's photo ..
yea ~~ cant deny
its totally nice !! fabulous !!

but ..........
work in [ this circle ] ( hospitality )
de game v played now call S E R V I C E
n their service is SUCK !!!


v reached there damn early ..
so v decided to hav our breakfast there ..

v ordered
2 set of continental breakfast

2 fried rice

n one is ham's japanese breakfast

de fried rice ..
very delicious !!
just de prawn ......... fcuk !!
if i m not wearing professional
i sure ask de chef out n try de prawn
its just like shit !!
n ham said its soft like cotton ..
sure lar ..its not fresh like hell !!

anywhere .. v paid de bill too

after tat , meet wif de person in charge
she is ms chan , if i m not mistaken

she was well dress up ..
but the way she treat de gals .. its suck !!

she only talking to ham but not us ..
she walk very fast , n just left us behind ..
shit ..
she didn even bother de gals ..
huh !!!!

everythiong is not yet well prepared ..
wat they need to show us , de door is looked ..
n she said ' sry .. de door looked d .. n dun hav de key right now '
omg !!
since u noe v r coming , u should prepare everything wat

anywhere ..
1 smth , v leave there ...
i dun wanna stay there even 1 second more !!!

de hells is killing my leg ......
i hope can reach home as soon as possible !!!!

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