Wednesday, May 27, 2009

last thurs 21/6

every1 skipped the stupid class ..
I went back as well straight after accounting class
went to fetch dear then Siao Pei n Wen En
we went back to our used-to-favourite place for lunch
[ Blue-Roof ]

after lunch , back to our secondary school's office to take our SPM cert
then move to IKEA wif Siao Pei and Wen En
oh yea .. long time never chill out wif them edy ..

I was looking for a pillow , or the cotton to make a pillow as my dear's birthday present

when we were at IKEA ..

then we done window shopping as well
curve + ikano

then went back home ...

me n Wen En continue the night session
we went to night market together ,
then continue yamcha wif dear , Kah Wei , Hong Yee and Jin Shyan
I long time never see Jin Shyan also ..
here he was ~~

and the stupid hong yee also ..
playing wif the small little umbrella .. and he keep SS-ing
lame =.=''

Kah Wei asked me to gamble wif him ..
end up he lose me 3 bucks ..
wakaka .. I keep won wei !!
syok ~~~

10-ish , I went back home lu

class gonna start .. ciaoz

last wed 20/6

i saw this rainbow early in de morning
when i wanna depart to school
just in a sudden i realize this rainbow ~~
its just clear enuf and very beautiful !!
its a sign of a lucky day ??
[ but for japan , its a sign of unlucky day ]

afternoon .. smth that u cant imagine happened~~

i seriously dunno whats wrong wif this lecture ...

we have our mid term exam last wed
after 1 hr , we continue back with our normal lecture ..
u know what happen ??

he , the lecturer went out and bought a thai CD ,
and then he say ' today we listen to songs 1st , we have song session '
deng ~~~
swt ~~~

all of us look at each other ..
what respond should we give ?? lolz

we had gone thru all the song , but its only until chorus then skip to the next
anyway, we did enjoy ourself during that time ...
we were actually gone kind of high ...

should say thx to him ??
i don't know

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

meaningful story


屠夫去上天堂了,而和尚却下地狱了。Why? 因为屠夫天天作善事,叫和尚起来念经,相反地,和尚天天叫屠夫起来杀生……



我不知道这是不是一个对你性格的测试, 因为每一个回答都有他自己的原因。
老人快要死了,你首先应该先救他。你也想让那个医生上车,因为他救过你,这是个好机会报答他。 还有就是你的梦中情人。错过了这个机会。你可能永远不能遇到一个让你这么心动的人了。





Sunday, May 17, 2009

ah gu's wedding ( part 2 )

the last dinner for this couple

the food tasted so so only ...
but the emcee not bad .. keep entertained us =)
very lazy to talk ...
pls forgive me that keep rely on pic nowadays

pinky ....

she also ..

the leng leng grandma

the cousinss

oh yea .. my cute daddy

the long leg gal

sis move to s'pore

couples of week ago ..
we done a simple farewell dinner for my dearest sis
she is goin to singapore for her 2 months ++ internship ..
erm ..
not much time to chill wif her when she was at K.L.
this is the only 1...

herm .. sure i will miss u 99 la dear .. =)

the bluiii gals wif daddy

smile =)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ah gu's wedding

oh yea .. he get marry d lor ...
last 2 week , we went to Menterkap for the gal's side wedding lunch ‘请酒’
the foods just pretty nice .. very special that cant have at K.L.

abalon not only in 1 dish but few dishes ..
they served 顿药材鸡 plus a little bit 鱼翅 instead of plane 鱼翅
then have another dishes , 鲍鱼和猪肚
very nice wei .. i miss it edy ~~~ slup slup ....
these are really much more better , more yummy ^^

another 1 tat i must mention here
the dessert
no more all those longan tong sui or whatever tong sui
this time we had coconut pudding

[ sry again .. i always forgot to take the pic b4 we eat .. ]

oh my god ...
taste so fabulous !!
try to look for this dessert at K.L.
if got as nice as this, i will inform here , or mayb u can inform me .. =)

move on --->>

erm .. c my grandma .. laugh like tat =D

this pic also ... spot my grandma again

the gals ...
aunt , sis , mom n me

my mummy

and my daddy ...

my ah gu ( 舅舅 )

and ah gim ( 舅母 )
[ ah gu n ah gim is hokien ]


let me add in some other photos here
hehe .. i steal from the album ...

their dogs were in the pic also ... so cute !!

i like this 1 the most ~~

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

oh ... my blog is dead ~~~
very sry for tat my dear readers ........

i'm having my 1 week short break now ..
so ya, is time to blog



like i mentioned last time
every semester will have a gathering for events students
is to welcome our sem. 1 junior and also let them noe who are their senior ..
is to let all of us noe each other....
but we doesn't meet our main objectives i would say ..
we just HAVE FUN ...=.=''

anyway ... this is how events student's life will be ..
have fun !!! =)
we have the games for them , add up 3 station
we cant have more games due to the time limit

so, from the pic below u may noe wats the game and how they play it

lets the photo to do the speaking ...

starting -- introduce urself -->

game started
1st 1 - take order ...
the order is like [ i wan mee goreng , i dun wan vege but wan more taufu , dun too salty , add 1 fried chicken , i wan chicken wing , dun fried too over ... erm .. nono , give me drum stick instead of chicken wing ... bla bla bla .....]

the 2nd - guess what
like the tv show, giv the name card behind ,
then ppl act infront to let the the other partner guess

last 1 , turn 8 round , follow fren's direction , then go eat food

ngek ngek ....

out 4th session

abby here ..

patrick ... kesian dia ...
he ate wasabi and made him cry .. hohoho

the winner

last but not least :

and the 'yong sui' 1 ... =p

cant deny .. the games is a little bit lame n childish
but we still very enjoy it ..
some even laught til stomache

althought we didn reli remember each other's name ,
but after this , we might just say hi in the lift ~~

^^ I L I K E E V E N T S T U D E N T ^^