Wednesday, May 27, 2009

last wed 20/6

i saw this rainbow early in de morning
when i wanna depart to school
just in a sudden i realize this rainbow ~~
its just clear enuf and very beautiful !!
its a sign of a lucky day ??
[ but for japan , its a sign of unlucky day ]

afternoon .. smth that u cant imagine happened~~

i seriously dunno whats wrong wif this lecture ...

we have our mid term exam last wed
after 1 hr , we continue back with our normal lecture ..
u know what happen ??

he , the lecturer went out and bought a thai CD ,
and then he say ' today we listen to songs 1st , we have song session '
deng ~~~
swt ~~~

all of us look at each other ..
what respond should we give ?? lolz

we had gone thru all the song , but its only until chorus then skip to the next
anyway, we did enjoy ourself during that time ...
we were actually gone kind of high ...

should say thx to him ??
i don't know

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