Wednesday, May 27, 2009

last thurs 21/6

every1 skipped the stupid class ..
I went back as well straight after accounting class
went to fetch dear then Siao Pei n Wen En
we went back to our used-to-favourite place for lunch
[ Blue-Roof ]

after lunch , back to our secondary school's office to take our SPM cert
then move to IKEA wif Siao Pei and Wen En
oh yea .. long time never chill out wif them edy ..

I was looking for a pillow , or the cotton to make a pillow as my dear's birthday present

when we were at IKEA ..

then we done window shopping as well
curve + ikano

then went back home ...

me n Wen En continue the night session
we went to night market together ,
then continue yamcha wif dear , Kah Wei , Hong Yee and Jin Shyan
I long time never see Jin Shyan also ..
here he was ~~

and the stupid hong yee also ..
playing wif the small little umbrella .. and he keep SS-ing
lame =.=''

Kah Wei asked me to gamble wif him ..
end up he lose me 3 bucks ..
wakaka .. I keep won wei !!
syok ~~~

10-ish , I went back home lu

class gonna start .. ciaoz

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