Tuesday, May 5, 2009

oh ... my blog is dead ~~~
very sry for tat my dear readers ........

i'm having my 1 week short break now ..
so ya, is time to blog



like i mentioned last time
every semester will have a gathering for events students
is to welcome our sem. 1 junior and also let them noe who are their senior ..
is to let all of us noe each other....
but we doesn't meet our main objectives i would say ..
we just HAVE FUN ...=.=''

anyway ... this is how events student's life will be ..
have fun !!! =)
we have the games for them , add up 3 station
we cant have more games due to the time limit

so, from the pic below u may noe wats the game and how they play it

lets the photo to do the speaking ...

starting -- introduce urself -->

game started
1st 1 - take order ...
the order is like [ i wan mee goreng , i dun wan vege but wan more taufu , dun too salty , add 1 fried chicken , i wan chicken wing , dun fried too over ... erm .. nono , give me drum stick instead of chicken wing ... bla bla bla .....]

the 2nd - guess what
like the tv show, giv the name card behind ,
then ppl act infront to let the the other partner guess

last 1 , turn 8 round , follow fren's direction , then go eat food

ngek ngek ....

out 4th session

abby here ..

patrick ... kesian dia ...
he ate wasabi and made him cry .. hohoho

the winner

last but not least :

and the 'yong sui' 1 ... =p

cant deny .. the games is a little bit lame n childish
but we still very enjoy it ..
some even laught til stomache

althought we didn reli remember each other's name ,
but after this , we might just say hi in the lift ~~

^^ I L I K E E V E N T S T U D E N T ^^

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