Tuesday, April 28, 2009

influence by shawn

i got the new website of shawn ...
but due to some reason, he said dun tell others 1st ...
[ u noe how important me to him .. XD ]

yes .. influence by u la my dear shawn

5 MULIA 2007

from my true heart,
i do like my classmates a lot and a lot
thousand thanks to say to all of YOU[s]
u all bring a lot joyful, happiness and memorable memory into my life ...

from those past year record,
my sis is from Mulia ,
Benny, Leslie , they from Mulia ,
then Elaine , Ryan , Kenny , Ah Chai they all from Mulia as well ..
and its like MY DREAM to enter Mulia class also
finally, I entered Mulia when i was form 4 ..
its not exactly that new to me .. cause some of my friend were there
and then went to 5 Mulia the next year ...
classroom never change, still at the 4th floor , the 1st classroom.

never forgot
we always ponteng
always bought nasi lemak when we just arrived to school
always laugh out loud
always playing around with teacher
always plan for activities together
always have lunch together

still , sometimes we quarrel
we not match with each other
but it doesn't matter anyhow
its just a way to improve our relationship

lets enjoy some pic here

me , zhen yi , wen en , tsae yun
-- sista --

[ very tall n pretty ] wen en + me

the gals of 5 Mulia
pao shing , siao pei , zhen yi , me , petra , hui yi

indian + chinese

pure chinese

chinese society

with our BELOVED chemistry teacher
Pn. Zahrah

a very stupid pic which took at curve

[ very smart ] kaisven + me

dinner at Steamboat Yuan

when we go back to get our SPM result
yea ... i remember that day shawn shout very loud ... =p

[ big head ] tai meng n me

the brothers of 5Mulia - [ scare tickle ] hong yee, Kaisven , [ sleeping king ] Xu Tong , [ dai lou ] shawn , [ quite ] Henry , [ so called 'handsome' ] kah wei - from 5 Murni

the Prom Night at Legend Hotel

gang of 5Mulia + kah wei

chen yi [ so called very noisy gal ] , wen en , me , pao shing [ very hard working gal ] n [ Clever] carol

little gathering at Chandran

a funny pic where
when we yamcha at station 1, we played some games ...
this is the punishment for them

[ cute ] siao pei wif me

this year CNY @ shawn's house

a very nice teacher also
Pn. Yong

and dear's hse , steamboat lunch

last but not least ..
a very cute pic here