Monday, April 6, 2009

the exchange

oops .... i m back here again ...
just finish read my others fren's blog ..

totally speechless
i dunno how to describe my feeling right now
its not happy , its not sad ,
perhaps .... just E.M.O

smth just happen during our class today ..
she cried out of a sudden
and he cried ........ also

i cant deny that cry is really a good way to release our tension or watever
i used to do that also
and it reli help

asking ...
wats the relationship of this article wif my title ??
okay ...
buddy , for me .. i just think that i changed a lot since this yr ..
i noe that i have to change and i blif i can do even better
since tat ..... my attitude, my thinking , bla bla ....... changed

i felt happy to wat i being now ..
i shall continue it and do it better n better
i wanna prove to every1 , WHO I M ACTUALLY ...
my school stuff , my family , my love , my frenz ........
everything everything ~~

but in the other hand ... i saw ppl's sadness
there's smth happened
and ... i reli dunno how to express it ...
it sound weird perhaps


i hope that i can b 1 of Ur fren who U can actually rely on
tell me whenever U need help

god bless ~~~

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