Saturday, April 25, 2009

good news

sorry for the late update ...
i know i've been M.I.A for almost 2 weeks or maybe more than that ~~
paiseh )=

ok ..
lets see what i've had done recently
i done my 2 presentation on the same day, which is last thursday
the 1st one, been complained 99 ..
sob sob .. my wedding speech really that sucks mer ?
damn !!
then another presentation i done quite well
coause not enough time then i just read what ever i wrote on my slide show ..
wakaka .. easy sial ~~

then pass up the public speaking homework ..
huh .. luckily i done correctly

anyway, v done another mice gathering on wednesday also
its just pretty awesome ..
next post will explain more about it

everyone ...
concern about what good news will i announce here ??

i have been choose by 8tv for internship

I was really really happy that i get what I want
at least it's not very far from my house
no F&B problem since the 1u just beside, n that area got plenty of restaurant also
8tv near KBU as well , make dear cant skip to meet me up
haha ... evil me =p

anyway .. cant b too excited actually
cause i haven pass the interview
if i really pass ...
will have a party to celebrate ...
celebrate i got to enter 8TV, and also celebrate that's my dead period
i believe that i will be freaking bz wif all those stuff ...
but this is what i wan ...

yea ..
i m totally excited !!!

oh ya , another good news is
sis came back already .. then i will have car to use very very soon
thx very much ya ^^