Monday, April 6, 2009

i m lost

yea dudes ...
i m lost over here ... never update my blog for almost half a month ..
its too bad .. i noe ...
this is becoz
sometimes i just blank ...
plus the lazy worm in my body ....
so ... didn update for this couples of weeks
reli sry
punish ** slap ~~ **

22 / 03

one of my cousin sista's wedding dinner ..
a very simple dinner ...
but every1 of us were very very tak syok wif it ..
coz v waited freaking long hour til 9-ish only can eat
wtf ~~~

anyway .. i steal those pic from the photo album ...
i think u all can guess how old is she ...
and .. perhaps the reason of getting married as well

ok .. other than that
i took pic wif orther ppl also ..

the cousin bro ..

my god-mother

my god-brother

my beloved grandmom

after the dinner
v got the mini so called 'yam-cha' session

last but not least
wif the kids

the bride

and another cousin sis ...

erm .. tats all here ..

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