Thursday, December 30, 2010


The long time no see fren ...
Eunice, Chen Yi, Carol, Cheryl, Kaisven
Kah Wei, Min Wei
( The X'mas theme for our dress code )

For this year Christmas, we choose to stay home instead of squeezing ourselves in those scary and crazy crowd. Kah Wei's house is always our choice, and his house having the Loklok party too ...

I finish work at 10pm and then rush home to get prepared to Wei's hse ... I was late and was the last person indeed. Then is to have my supper and chit chat with them. I always found myself to be released when I was with them. We talk whatever we want and laugh as loud as we could. No secret as we treat each other like boyfi or galfi...

For my another half, he was having fun with the relatives at somewhere which is soo full with X'mas feel. So many present to receive and so many nice food to taste !! Oh ma Amitabah, I'm really jealous of him, and yet I can't do anything !

By the way, I did this video to suprise him.

Babe, remember I'm sweet and lovely okay ?? xD

Merry belated Christmas ! and Happy New Year !!

Let's welcome the Two Thousand Eleven together babeh ~~~

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Laura oh Mercier

I'm finally released ! Ha ! and free from make up ~~ say Yay !!

Told you, after a blink, here goes another month. I gained so much experience when working with them, learned so much thing, and I'm now more confident to do make up for other peoples. Their product were awesome as I told you last few post, customer got confident towards us, and there were also quite a number of people come and look for us and said " I heard your primer and loose power are very good". Yes people, admit it, it's pretty good and I'm glad that my face doesn't have any side effect after so long.

Irene the supervisor is the funniest 1. The way she speak and act, I can laugh 99; but still, sometimes she looks kinda serious and I'm actually afraid of talking to her.

Winnie the Puuu ..... My Darling since dunno how many years, she taught me how to make up bla bla bla... Thanks to her that my make up skill had improve like so many kali ganda ** =D We do complain to each other about this and that, release tension ma ...

Lilian the other permanent staff, she was good in eyebrow shading thou ... Although there are some unhappy stuff , but past means past, watever it is, she is still friendly and talkative.

Grace my sweet sista working with me for 2 weeks plus I guess, settle the lunch at the bf's hse and dabao lunch from the vegetarian shop or me or mummy'll prepared the lunch.. Wuhoo, save money, and we got home made food, dun jealous please =p She's my all time listener and advisor, glad to have her, other wise I woudn't know how to kill time, will be bored til the max, like how I experienced the last week of work, OMfG ~~

Kate and Pei Ann are the others part timer like me, both of them were also pretty nice people, I gossip a lot about their life, so do them... Information exchange =)

Another way to kill time is playing around with the cosmetic, lipsticks, eye shadow.... Not forget to camwhore of course

This taken on my last day of work, Not suppose to be that day, but it happened when I got food poison and fever which make me couldn't work for the last 2 days. I like the cover of the fail, kinda charming isn't it ??

Off for PPS, Bye !

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 more days

2011 is freaking near !!

Ma babe boy is coming back the freaking soon !!

I'm gonna be the pamper baby again the freaking soon !!

I'm getting more and more and more excited !!

No one can understand ma feeling, but who cares ? =D

18 days more babeh !!! yahoo ~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I feel like doing so in ma blog ... since I got no where else or no one else for me to do so

Life is really WTF !!

Admit it when you were not born in the rich family
Admit it you cant live like a rock star
Admit it you cant spend without think
Admit it you cant have Gucci, LV, Prada, Channel ...
Admit it you are POOR !!

Admit it when you cant be free all the time
Admit it you needa work hard for money
Admit it you can only eat home made food to save money
Admit it you needa work harder and harder n harder to be sucessful in life
Admit it you needa be this shit in life time

Admit it that someone were born in rich family
Admit it that someone else got money
Admit it when someone can spend without thinking
Admit it when someone can go for holiday or travel when you're working like hell
Admit it when someone can try so much good food
Admit it when someone having so much lovely peoples around

Oh well, these are the facts
All about the fucking money$$$$$

I really hope that I'm rich, I can travel without thinking, I can fly over to England, I can celebrate xmas with him there (but I actually working too on xmas day), I can meet Shane and Vicky, I can go Paris with him....

Oh god, you wait !!!
I'm sure I will be like what I wan, VERY SOON !!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Preeee

Weeewiitt ~~ It's Monday again, and I'm on leave for 2 days =D

Work with Laura Mercier almost half a month, Grace even joined our team too. Their product was awesome I would say, it's more to natural and most of it were no fragrance, no colour and it's pretty soft to our skin.

Their best sellers :-

Foundation Primer - ( Normal / Oil Free / Hydrating / Mineral )
4 types of it, Normal is for combination skin or normal skin, Oil free for those oily skin, Hydrating for dry skin and Mineral for sensitive skin. It was also known as the make up base which is colourless and fragranceless. Apply this on your face after your skin care and b4 your make up, it works like a protection of your skin and to seperate your skin with the make up, so that your skin can breathe. This product get award from Bazaar magazine !
Price : RM129, and now having the xmas promotion -RM99

Tinted Moisturizer - ( Normal / Oil Free)
2 types of it. Apply this after Foundation Primer, it's like the foundation but added on the moisturizer and SPF 20, if you're just shopping in the shopping complex or working in office, SPF 20 is more than enough, so it save your own sun block.
Price : RM159
For more information please visit :-

Xmas promotion having the Tinted Moisturizer Travel Set which included an actual size of the Tinted Moisturizer (40ml) + a travel size Tinted Moisturizer which is slightly smaller (30ml) + a mini Primer. This only cost you RM195. Please calculate yourself, and you'll know how much it worth and how much $$$ you can save.

Loose Setting Powder - ( Translucent / Ivory )
2 types of it, Translucent means transparent, suitable for all skin tone, and Ivory is the another colour. This is truely amazing with the soft and smooth texture. Apply this after all your make up and it helps to last your make up even longer. One of this can last you for one year ! This product get award from Women Weekly too.
Price : RM159
For more information please visit

Another product that I would like to share is their Face Polish. OmFg !! I love it so much ! I tried the free sample and it does clean off all my dead skin and my face look smoother and brighter! Interested to give a try, look for me at 1u =D

Advertising time end !


Personal life start !

Fashionista ~~ woott wooottt ! I was trying all kind of things on myself ! Playing around with my hair, mix and match all kind of shirt (of course not til crazy level of mixing every colour at the same time on myself).

I love long sleeve tee to match with this skirt ! (It will be pretty match with Speghati stripe as well.) I want the rainbow colour skirt please, but it cost me 60 bucks ler, worth to go for it ??

I tried this pants attached 2 rubber stripes

Looks nice ? but too bad my leg is kinda big, not suite for this =(

I tried the another 1 which is black in colour, high waist & kinda same length, but not jeans material. Was liking that one but not reli sure does it suite me well or not, and I knew if the trend over, then the life time of it will also over. So, is it worth ?

Then, is to have this big hair band on. Some commented 'cute', 'nice' .. Babe said it's 'Weird'. lolz

And lastly, I got my pony tail on after soooo long + my SuperB noobby spec
Likey Likey !!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Blueeeeee

Wow, 1 week gone.....

My work is tiring and tiring and boring and boring ... Look, I mentioned twice, can you please imagine ? My placement majority are placed at Promotion Area which is Old-U centre court, not that crowd and turn on my sales are sucks !! I dunno how to achieve my target, poor thing ! By the way, working with them was not that bad and stress, we chit chat quite a lot and play around with the cosmetic.

Special thanks to Sherman who dropped by twice and be my companion on my break time... Same goes to the Yee Yee, Paisley, Steph and Emily too .... So good to have you guys around even thou it's just a while ... Cant wait to hang out on Wednesday !! I wan movie, shopping, dine and drink ~~~ wooooott wooootttt =D

I was so in love with my Spec and this noobby look suite me pretty well, right ? =)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

End of the 2010

Quick ! Fast !
Always wanted the time to pass faster, and now, blink your eyes, it's December !
Wow, here gone another 1 year ... Time passes like no one can imagine. What have you done this year babe ? I'm finally done my Diploma courses which is happened y'day, other than that, nothing special happen. Sad case hur ??

Well, for my another half, his life is freaking awesome at Chelmsford I guess... Winter came, Snow falling down from everywhere. I'm really jealous towards him, yet was also hope that I'm there with him so badly. But thanks god, there's only 46 days left until he come back to me... Cant wait cant wait !!!

I gonna start working today, for the cosmetic brand Laura Mercier at 1Utama new wing / old wing. I got the afternoon shift on weekdays and full day shift on Saturday and Sunday. Do drop by to pay me a visit or give me a hug perhaps ...
I'm glad to have this job, in fact, I wanted a job to kill time, and time can pass even faster like after a blink, ma boy is back to my side.

God knows how much I miss him.... )=