Thursday, December 30, 2010


The long time no see fren ...
Eunice, Chen Yi, Carol, Cheryl, Kaisven
Kah Wei, Min Wei
( The X'mas theme for our dress code )

For this year Christmas, we choose to stay home instead of squeezing ourselves in those scary and crazy crowd. Kah Wei's house is always our choice, and his house having the Loklok party too ...

I finish work at 10pm and then rush home to get prepared to Wei's hse ... I was late and was the last person indeed. Then is to have my supper and chit chat with them. I always found myself to be released when I was with them. We talk whatever we want and laugh as loud as we could. No secret as we treat each other like boyfi or galfi...

For my another half, he was having fun with the relatives at somewhere which is soo full with X'mas feel. So many present to receive and so many nice food to taste !! Oh ma Amitabah, I'm really jealous of him, and yet I can't do anything !

By the way, I did this video to suprise him.

Babe, remember I'm sweet and lovely okay ?? xD

Merry belated Christmas ! and Happy New Year !!

Let's welcome the Two Thousand Eleven together babeh ~~~

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