Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I feel like doing so in ma blog ... since I got no where else or no one else for me to do so

Life is really WTF !!

Admit it when you were not born in the rich family
Admit it you cant live like a rock star
Admit it you cant spend without think
Admit it you cant have Gucci, LV, Prada, Channel ...
Admit it you are POOR !!

Admit it when you cant be free all the time
Admit it you needa work hard for money
Admit it you can only eat home made food to save money
Admit it you needa work harder and harder n harder to be sucessful in life
Admit it you needa be this shit in life time

Admit it that someone were born in rich family
Admit it that someone else got money
Admit it when someone can spend without thinking
Admit it when someone can go for holiday or travel when you're working like hell
Admit it when someone can try so much good food
Admit it when someone having so much lovely peoples around

Oh well, these are the facts
All about the fucking money$$$$$

I really hope that I'm rich, I can travel without thinking, I can fly over to England, I can celebrate xmas with him there (but I actually working too on xmas day), I can meet Shane and Vicky, I can go Paris with him....

Oh god, you wait !!!
I'm sure I will be like what I wan, VERY SOON !!

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