Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Laura oh Mercier

I'm finally released ! Ha ! and free from make up ~~ say Yay !!

Told you, after a blink, here goes another month. I gained so much experience when working with them, learned so much thing, and I'm now more confident to do make up for other peoples. Their product were awesome as I told you last few post, customer got confident towards us, and there were also quite a number of people come and look for us and said " I heard your primer and loose power are very good". Yes people, admit it, it's pretty good and I'm glad that my face doesn't have any side effect after so long.

Irene the supervisor is the funniest 1. The way she speak and act, I can laugh 99; but still, sometimes she looks kinda serious and I'm actually afraid of talking to her.

Winnie the Puuu ..... My Darling since dunno how many years, she taught me how to make up bla bla bla... Thanks to her that my make up skill had improve like so many kali ganda ** =D We do complain to each other about this and that, release tension ma ...

Lilian the other permanent staff, she was good in eyebrow shading thou ... Although there are some unhappy stuff , but past means past, watever it is, she is still friendly and talkative.

Grace my sweet sista working with me for 2 weeks plus I guess, settle the lunch at the bf's hse and dabao lunch from the vegetarian shop or me or mummy'll prepared the lunch.. Wuhoo, save money, and we got home made food, dun jealous please =p She's my all time listener and advisor, glad to have her, other wise I woudn't know how to kill time, will be bored til the max, like how I experienced the last week of work, OMfG ~~

Kate and Pei Ann are the others part timer like me, both of them were also pretty nice people, I gossip a lot about their life, so do them... Information exchange =)

Another way to kill time is playing around with the cosmetic, lipsticks, eye shadow.... Not forget to camwhore of course

This taken on my last day of work, Not suppose to be that day, but it happened when I got food poison and fever which make me couldn't work for the last 2 days. I like the cover of the fail, kinda charming isn't it ??

Off for PPS, Bye !

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