Friday, June 27, 2008

wat the fcuk was this celebration ??


haha ....
hahahaha .....
hahahahahahaha ......

i laugh out loud man ~~
i should do like tat !!!!

ya ..
i should laugh coz i was tat kinda stupid
but y my tears keep on falling down ??

oh my god ..
oh my amitabah ..
oh my jesus ..
oh my .....


our 2nd year anniversary
short ? ---> no
long ? ---> no
but .......
v passed through a lot of difficulties and hardship n go up to today
i do appreciated wat u did to me
i do cherished u

so ..
our celebration was .........

v went to 1u
( ya .. again n again n again .. )

cheong k at 1st

n then pool
i won twice today ..
but the overall is
11 VS 9
he 11 n me 9

n v took these photo ..

the next station was secret recipe

both of us ...
( i look abit diff rite ?? )

ok .. solo

n he .. 38

ya .. i 38 too
coz ..
for me ..
i think i should do smth crazy on today ..
yaya ..
lets focus n c

hehe ^^

happy anniversary !!

playing again ~~

after that
shop a while

herm .. still got 1 diff style of shirt ..
but the camera died d ..
gosh ~~

anywhere .. v didn cam-whore well today ..

concern bout my tears ?

let me tell u

i went back home at 6 smth
n he went to his primary school classmates gathering

guys ..
remember i said i will b goin to zuok to support my senior's event ?
ya .. its today also
but .. i was still very fret bout the transport
i dunno how to go n back
i pleaded dear to go wif me ..
but he dun wan
he said he lack of money
n .. if he go , he will be very boring coz he dun hav fren there
he dun wan dun wan n DUN WAN !!

fine ........
since i said i goin out at nite
so he decided to go the gathering

but on today .. today .. TODAY ...
i didn go to zuok at the end ..
but he was still .........

i try to get car
n yes i got it !!
so i sms him n say i got car
he called n ask m i goin to zuok
i said i dunno the way ..
so .. the call just end up like this ..

fcuker !!
u noe y i told u tat i got car ?
when v at 1u
u heard i called my sis n ask for car rite ?
n i think u noe y i wan car ..
i told sis that today is our 2nd yr anniversary n v wan to do some celebration

but u never change ur mind to be wif me but wif ur fren
u just end up the phone like that ..

2 yrs edy
ya ..
2 yrs

u still incomprehension bout me
u dunno wat i wan ..

let me tell u
i just wan to b wif u
n today was so important 4 us
but u just leave me at home n happy wif ur fren there

i dunno y u dun wan step into my world
but y i did ?
i dunno ur fren at 1st
but now ?
i noe them well
until she share smth good wif me .. intro some job to me
but u ?
did u step even half step to my world ?
u just noe to say ' i dunno them .. i will b very boring .. i dun like to go '

lack of money ..
then y still always go cheong k wif ur fren ?
can u just save the money just for me ?
the event only once ..
not every week
can u sacrifice ur cheong k for me ?

sometimes i cancel my class just coz i wan to b wif u
u noe
b a tuition teacher ..
the impression is also important
its the believe n confidence of parents to me

but u .....
it just a gathering
n this is not the 1st time u gather wif them ..
the gathering is not like 1 yr once ..
but follow mood ..
the gathering been organized whenever they wan ..

u noe wat day is today ?
how can u so cold blood to leave me alone here ????

i'm so tired edy .....

y u like to disappointed me again n again n again ??
y u like to hurt me again n again n again ........ ??

Monday, June 23, 2008

prom night 2008

herm .......
a little bit regret now ~~
how come i will willing to waste that pretty much of money just 4 few hrs prom night ?
lame prinss ~~~~~

anywhere ...
no pt to say anything again ..
lets start to blog it

dear came to my hse early in de morning ...
yet .. i m still in sick
horrible man ~~
iisshh !!!

i 4got wat i did ..
ignore it .. crab ~~
i noe i went to set my hair , n then back home change dress
n then shawn n hong yee came along my hse
after all
v depart to wen en's hse

wuhooo ~~~~
such a pretty nice feel
i reli feel like marry
herm .. not reli is my wedding ...
just de feel ..
v all 姐妹 n 兄弟

there is so many cars at wen en 's hse's doorway
every1 is wearing that nicely n grandeur
standing outside there ..
waiting to go inside hse n wive somebody ..
i was like starting to shout coz i get high edy ...
[ my god .. so fast ker ??]

kaisven drove n i show them the way
herm .. reach there quite early
n then start to act sot
sven said park at mamak n then yamcha at mamak to wait them ..
wat the ~~
finally .. v took these silly pic ..

its reli de feel ..
新娘 , 新郎 , 花车

went in to Dynasty hotel
wat else can v do there ?
cam-whoring ~~~~~~~~~~~

the gals

the guys

the brothers eva ~~

dear + me

shyan + me

kaisven + me

sarah + me
i was reli suprise when i saw her ...
she was my primary school classmate
tat time v were best fren ~~
herm .. miss u so much ler !!

carol + me

de black VS white

after that , get into our ballroom d
as u all noe
malaysian timing
not last minutes , ppl will not appear ..
wat to do ..
cam-whoring as well lar of course ~~

guys n gals

me + kee tong + jia hui
the blueys ~

carol + chen yi + tan jing ( prom queen as well ) + me

jiun herng + me

herm ..
my big head bro
tai meng + me

kang yong + me

haiz ..

dear + me

zhen yi + me
( the tallest gal among us )

wen en + me
( the second tall gal among us .. )

hehe .. in da toilet ~~

n the gals lar of cours ..

zheng hao + me ..
he wearing other ppl's hat ~~

the boys ..

the boys again .. on the stage

herm .. i called 5 Mulia came over to take photo ..
but dunno y kah wei was there ...
ahherm ~~

finally .. wan go back d

at the front of the hotel

herm .. v decided to go Aloha after that ..
yeah .. clubbing
everybody is goin ..
like so syok ..

but at the end ..
v reached there around 1 smth ..
coz of the idiot traffic jam n the ' head ' brought us to the wrong way ...
spoiled mood d ..
every1 like so tired edy ..
so ...
no more clubbing ~~
i went back home after that
the rest hang out to chandran .....

herm .. reli went to mamak at the end ..
wearing tat grandeur ~~

wuhoo ~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, June 15, 2008

deli deco

where to start ??
i dunno

ppl ..
dun ever tot tat event management is an easy course
its not easy at all

n yes .....
i cried coz of the tension n pressure

oh no no no ...
i cant imagine it

v get this theme last tues n v hav to do this deco on this thurs
tell me how many days are there

10 days
yeah .. its 10

measurement , floor plan , deco sketches , material
bla bla bla
everything v need to do

i feel like i been to hell

ms yati scold us like hell
she aspect us to do wat she wan
she said she asked us go find her whenever v got prob
but no 1 did it
n then everything is just crab , crab n crab
she throw the paper on de floor
keep on scolding
said this is not M.I.C.E. students suppose to do

lets think
v r just sem 1 students
yes , v did a big project last time
its teacher's day luncheon
but this time , the time is limited
dun u aspect v stay back everyday just for this deli deco
v got others assignment , quiz
everything just like to come in one shoot

ok ......
i noe i shouldn say that
its just full of evasion
but its true ma ~~~~

back to thurs
yea .. felt very very stressful when ms yati was scolding us
aftertat , i reli went to toilet n let my tears help to realise some stress

ok ............
everything gone
start deco

i wanna thx our ms karen n another lecture
they do help us a lot
but still
everything v do ourself

oh ya ..
i realize something
actually every1 got their talent to do something
like hyuna
wat she draw was just pretty cute
n yes , she done the mini arch , a radio n tv
she is quite shy , but tat day ..
i saw her face
is tat concentrate
every1 were so serious
wanna do the best for everything
dun wan get scold anymore

but .........
guess wat time i get back home dude

3.30 am

ya ...... so early rite ??
wuhooo ~~~
[ shit !! ]

slept 2 hrs like tat , went to school again

smth happened
arh ..
make me reli hate this deco
hate that day so so so much !!!!!!!

it make me fall sick
fever , flu , cough

n 1 more thing
i lost my handphone !!!!!

fcuk !!

this deco make me so tired
n morning i was so blur
til now i dunno how , where , when i lost my hp

totally bad !!!
i suppose to stay at home on every fri
coz there is no class for us
but tat day
coz of this stupid deco
i went to school
n make me fall sick n lost hp

good lar now
no more hp to use
its reli very very unconvenient for me !!!!


my forehead is reli hot
my eyes cant open totally
i was blur
i can faint anytime

but i stay until 11 smth
i saw n heard ms yati came n check n scold us again

i went back home after that

i hate 13/06 !!!!!!!!!!

geramnya aku !!


summer splash

i keep on ask dear to go wif me ...
but he keep on reject ......

i m not allowed to go ~~~~~

ok fine
v go celebrity at the end

after gym
went to one world hotel to get a sales kits

herm ......
its grand ... very very beautiful ...

this ppl SS-ing lor

[ no lar .. actually i ask him to do so de .. hehe ]

the outside of the restaurant ...

ok tats all