Wednesday, June 4, 2008



v hav 2 n 1/2 break time
so ...
me , kho , shen min , ham n jun haw were walk to sunway pyramid ..
[ y so free hur ?? ]

nvm ..
at the end , me n shen min bought a t-shirt
this is mine

n i saw this in a shop
guess wat is it ??

its a handkerchief

gosh ~~ so real



this 2 is my students
they no longger tuition wif me start from next month ..

i had decided to cut down half of my classes
coz its reli tiring n boring ..

so the rest of the time
if i m free
i will go for part time job
smth like freelance



went to the curve wif shun yong n my dear
i went to fitness to survey the price
herm ... its not tat cheap ...

after tat
v watched this movie

superhero movie

dun ever try to watch this movie
its sucks !!!!!!!!
all de time i was just ' wtf ..... wtf ...... wtf ...... '
unlogic movie ...
unlogic jokes
iisshh ~~~~~
wasting money n time
i wanna run out after 30 mins of the show ..
but i'm not allowed .....

oh ya ..
smth happened

dear almost lost his hp on tat day
he left in de cab
after he realise it
i keep on calling his hp
but no ppl ans me
after 30 mis i guess
the driver ans my call at last

he get back his hp n paid the driver 4o bucks ~~



went to 1u wif dear

since i become more n more chubby
i signed in celebrity

n i get this bag

some of my frenz were benefits from here
coz they get 7days free trial there

01) edmond
02) kaisven
03) henry
04) shawn
05) hong yee
06) kah wei
07) eric lee
08) siao pei
09) nicholas
10) darwin
11) kee tong
12) chen yi
13) carol lai
14) pey shin
15) desmond
16) san
17) keith
18) ah siang

4 more
but i cant remeber ~~

check is it ur name here

n b4 go back
i went to take photo wif ....

[ dear act so ' keras ' ]

n this

[ can u feel tat he saying ' wei , y u kiss me ?? ' ]

6 smth went back home
n goin out to hav dinner wif mummy n daddy

i 'm sitting at the back
n .......

sit belt !!
remember to put on ur sit belt no matter where u sit now !!

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