Sunday, June 15, 2008

deli deco

where to start ??
i dunno

ppl ..
dun ever tot tat event management is an easy course
its not easy at all

n yes .....
i cried coz of the tension n pressure

oh no no no ...
i cant imagine it

v get this theme last tues n v hav to do this deco on this thurs
tell me how many days are there

10 days
yeah .. its 10

measurement , floor plan , deco sketches , material
bla bla bla
everything v need to do

i feel like i been to hell

ms yati scold us like hell
she aspect us to do wat she wan
she said she asked us go find her whenever v got prob
but no 1 did it
n then everything is just crab , crab n crab
she throw the paper on de floor
keep on scolding
said this is not M.I.C.E. students suppose to do

lets think
v r just sem 1 students
yes , v did a big project last time
its teacher's day luncheon
but this time , the time is limited
dun u aspect v stay back everyday just for this deli deco
v got others assignment , quiz
everything just like to come in one shoot

ok ......
i noe i shouldn say that
its just full of evasion
but its true ma ~~~~

back to thurs
yea .. felt very very stressful when ms yati was scolding us
aftertat , i reli went to toilet n let my tears help to realise some stress

ok ............
everything gone
start deco

i wanna thx our ms karen n another lecture
they do help us a lot
but still
everything v do ourself

oh ya ..
i realize something
actually every1 got their talent to do something
like hyuna
wat she draw was just pretty cute
n yes , she done the mini arch , a radio n tv
she is quite shy , but tat day ..
i saw her face
is tat concentrate
every1 were so serious
wanna do the best for everything
dun wan get scold anymore

but .........
guess wat time i get back home dude

3.30 am

ya ...... so early rite ??
wuhooo ~~~
[ shit !! ]

slept 2 hrs like tat , went to school again

smth happened
arh ..
make me reli hate this deco
hate that day so so so much !!!!!!!

it make me fall sick
fever , flu , cough

n 1 more thing
i lost my handphone !!!!!

fcuk !!

this deco make me so tired
n morning i was so blur
til now i dunno how , where , when i lost my hp

totally bad !!!
i suppose to stay at home on every fri
coz there is no class for us
but tat day
coz of this stupid deco
i went to school
n make me fall sick n lost hp

good lar now
no more hp to use
its reli very very unconvenient for me !!!!


my forehead is reli hot
my eyes cant open totally
i was blur
i can faint anytime

but i stay until 11 smth
i saw n heard ms yati came n check n scold us again

i went back home after that

i hate 13/06 !!!!!!!!!!

geramnya aku !!

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