Monday, June 23, 2008

prom night 2008

herm .......
a little bit regret now ~~
how come i will willing to waste that pretty much of money just 4 few hrs prom night ?
lame prinss ~~~~~

anywhere ...
no pt to say anything again ..
lets start to blog it

dear came to my hse early in de morning ...
yet .. i m still in sick
horrible man ~~
iisshh !!!

i 4got wat i did ..
ignore it .. crab ~~
i noe i went to set my hair , n then back home change dress
n then shawn n hong yee came along my hse
after all
v depart to wen en's hse

wuhooo ~~~~
such a pretty nice feel
i reli feel like marry
herm .. not reli is my wedding ...
just de feel ..
v all 姐妹 n 兄弟

there is so many cars at wen en 's hse's doorway
every1 is wearing that nicely n grandeur
standing outside there ..
waiting to go inside hse n wive somebody ..
i was like starting to shout coz i get high edy ...
[ my god .. so fast ker ??]

kaisven drove n i show them the way
herm .. reach there quite early
n then start to act sot
sven said park at mamak n then yamcha at mamak to wait them ..
wat the ~~
finally .. v took these silly pic ..

its reli de feel ..
新娘 , 新郎 , 花车

went in to Dynasty hotel
wat else can v do there ?
cam-whoring ~~~~~~~~~~~

the gals

the guys

the brothers eva ~~

dear + me

shyan + me

kaisven + me

sarah + me
i was reli suprise when i saw her ...
she was my primary school classmate
tat time v were best fren ~~
herm .. miss u so much ler !!

carol + me

de black VS white

after that , get into our ballroom d
as u all noe
malaysian timing
not last minutes , ppl will not appear ..
wat to do ..
cam-whoring as well lar of course ~~

guys n gals

me + kee tong + jia hui
the blueys ~

carol + chen yi + tan jing ( prom queen as well ) + me

jiun herng + me

herm ..
my big head bro
tai meng + me

kang yong + me

haiz ..

dear + me

zhen yi + me
( the tallest gal among us )

wen en + me
( the second tall gal among us .. )

hehe .. in da toilet ~~

n the gals lar of cours ..

zheng hao + me ..
he wearing other ppl's hat ~~

the boys ..

the boys again .. on the stage

herm .. i called 5 Mulia came over to take photo ..
but dunno y kah wei was there ...
ahherm ~~

finally .. wan go back d

at the front of the hotel

herm .. v decided to go Aloha after that ..
yeah .. clubbing
everybody is goin ..
like so syok ..

but at the end ..
v reached there around 1 smth ..
coz of the idiot traffic jam n the ' head ' brought us to the wrong way ...
spoiled mood d ..
every1 like so tired edy ..
so ...
no more clubbing ~~
i went back home after that
the rest hang out to chandran .....

herm .. reli went to mamak at the end ..
wearing tat grandeur ~~

wuhoo ~~~~~~~~~

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