Friday, June 6, 2008


fuiyo ~~~~~~

so syok today !!!!
the best steamboat i had tried
ita at subang , near sunway pyramid


had dinner wif my previous classmates
wao ~~
reli fun n enjoyable
but at the end
my tummy is super super full .....
n many water inside ~~

its actually a steamboat buffet
everything provided ...
seafood , those fish ball , vege , noodles , bee hun , fruits , ice-cream
n the most delicious n popular is
chicken wings ~~

if u never been there , u will never noe the chicken wing can b how delicious ..
n everyppl fight for it
gosh ~~~~~~~
reli unbelievable if u didn c de screen

here is the photo ..

the 2nd times my gang went to fight for it
n v r reli lucky ...
n get so many

the 3rd time
as u can c ..
ppls reli fight for it
even got ppl use hand to ' sapu ' chicken wings
my god
its farking dirty man ..
who is goin to eat tat hur ??

nvm nvm
these were wat v took at 1st ..

this crab is diff from the normal crab
its just pretty sweet n taste fabulous ~~

n then keep on adding

------------>> 26

add again ~~

------------------>> 28

n finally .. v done this !!!

------------------------------->> 30

c .. they r so bz eating

n bz body again ...
eating ice-cream together n posing the same ....

shawn n siao pei also never lose to them
they r prawn king n prawn queen
as u can c ..
they r so ' gan jiong '
eating the prawn n they were standing

this is de gals

me n dear

me n tai meng

me n kaisven
[ a super smart boy ]
he was just back from singapore ..
oh .. i miss u so so so much ~~

this is the overall

v leave there bout 11pm

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