Sunday, June 8, 2008

sunway resort hotel and spa

done our field trip at sunway resort hotel n spa
herm .. wat to say ??

the temperature of the day was just bloody hot ~~
every1 just shouting hot n hot
and since the quality of our SHTLM t-shirt was damn ' good '
so ................
ppl's shirt was sweat enuf n its wet

anywhere ..
just 4got bout tat

i dunno wat to say ...
lets the pictures to tell u ..

1st , v having a talk
n then this is the tea break time ~~

ya .. i'm just boring

eating ~~

me n hyuna

n now start the shooting of the hotel


room's mini bar

i 4got where is here

i 4got which unit here

meeting on 10 ~~ [ outside ]

[ inside ] - the launch

meeting room

the way to function room

will c this on the way to villa's resort

this is at villa's resort
each unit hav one this mini pool
fabulous !!!!!!

this 2 were in the villa's resort also

i felt like wanna jump inside n bath
coz the weather is reli ........ ' beh tahan !! '

the bed in villa's resort

n this is me ~

this is the honeymoon suite

so cute ~~

me n shen min

the bed
[ every1 were so bz shooting ~~]

me n one of my senior ..
i4got her name

shen min n me just act like bathing .. but she block my face d ..
sob sob

when v saw this ..felt like wann steal this ..
v r quite hungry there ~~ =p

he is my senior also
--> tony

korea restaurant

ok .. until here

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