Thursday, February 26, 2009

2nd hand dress

hey my dear frenz ...

i was selling this dress in a second hand price ..
helping my fren to promote it ..

the original price was RM49
she just wear once b4 , it was still very new
she gonna sell this out at RM40.00

any1 who interest de pls inform me ...
thx ya

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

what the du* du* du *

feel like shit now ..

damn headache and keep sneeze
i think i getting sick .....
damn the suckie weather

why this thing happen when the exam is around the corner ..
it just ' potong steam '

i dun like this kind of feel !!!!!!



Thursday, February 19, 2009

dinner at bangsa

the last day of the CNY
mummy's fren invited us to go the open hse which held in a restaurant
its a vietnam restaurant which located at bangsa

the food there taste soso only
but the arrangement a little bit weird
coz the sit does'n match wif the food they served

anyway, the restaurant hav a very nice environment
got the vietnam's feel ..

the restaurant

these pic v took when the night still young

beloved mummy n me

the sis wif me

the opening

inside the hotel

she look ' long '

the sisters

tats my real reaction ler
stupid sis bite me so hardly

only me

the 2 couples

they even got the fireworks ..
[ enhancing the sky ] ?

and the stupid photo of the day

hong keat n me

she just like to disturb me ..

the photos downstairs is took by my sis
i love it .. =)

after 38 taking all those pic
then v just sat down and chit chat
hong keat treat me & dear as his so called customer
and promote the insurance thingy to us

aftertat , sis complained tat got a lot mosquito bite her leg
then v move into the restaurant
hong keat still talking wif dear
but i m no tat interest to listen and reading magazine at a side
perhaps i m too tired and not in da mood to b a listener

bla bla bla
v ciaoz at 11-ish

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i was in da library of school
damn suprise tat i'm reli tat hardworking to do my staff here ...
and yes !!
i just finish the slide show assignment
still got 1 more assignment and the tutorial practical homework to go
erm .. just cant blif tat this is hui wen

ok .. stop crapping
just feel like wanna blog a little bit since i long time didn upload the blog
and for the release tensio purpose

ok, reli sry here
coz my blog is just like keep looking backward wif wat i did ..
i have to apologize here ..
sometimes i just lazy to upload
or i just hav no time

refresh back to 8/2
the birthday of guoyao , his gf and yeheng's gf
its too sweet tat a couple hav de same date of birthday
and yeheng tat case is he birthday was 7/2 , n the gf was 8/2
how coincidence is tat ?

anyway ..
tat night i was been dated by miss vni
then v head to curve for movie and some windows shopping
cam-whore as well for sure

meet yeheng there ..

i 4got his name
but in this pic .. he actually acting like hugging the datuk ..
and all of us just keep laughing behind .. =p

pink panther was just awesome
v laugh all the way from start til finish movie

after movie
me n vni just like siao po ...
non-stop cam-whore-ing

have u ever notice this thing at curve
try the watch the water droples as long as u can
then u wil noe wat i talking about actually
it will flow in wat direction u want

the most funny pic of the day

c how rude is the gal ..........
too bad =(

to be continue the next post

Monday, February 16, 2009

another annoucement

already back from langkawi
but there is lots of others thing waiting for me to do

  • assignment
  • revision
  • part time job

so ..
i will not tat often to upload post ..
and i would like to apologize here 1st
just in case u feel sad or disappoint of cant noe how m i ..

erm ..... =)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


0603 now ..

wonder y i woke up so early ...
erm .. too excited ?? to gan jiong ??
perhaps ??

no la ..
i wanna take my shower and follow mummy's car to shin's hse
and i just scare tat i will miss out to bring smth

i just finish checking my luggage
for later on langkawi tour ..
how later it is ??
erm .......
15 hrs more

ya ..
for ur information
cheryl wil be off to langkawi to9 and be right back on sunday night
dun miss me too much ..
or else u can sms me

i cant sleep

0100 right now

i cant sleep
and i hav nth to do ..
so i decide to blog here

i suppose to post this article long time ago
but i always forgot ...

so ... let me post it right now

its the m.i.c.e student's gathering
it will be held on every semester as a welcome to the new intake juniors
but dunno y , last sem v skip this gathering ..

ok .... lets start now

this gathering will be done by sem4 students

so .. the preparation -->

while waiting the junior


the event organizer - shi yen
giving the welcome speech

then speech given by the lectures
skip tat ..

but pic is here

Ms. Yati & Ms. Farisha

Ms. Karen

and then start game

i just lazy to explain our game here ..
but the photos downstairs is the punishment

she is so the ........

and obviously thats me

any ques wanna ask ??
or comment ??

erm ........
very sorry if ur ugly face is here .... =p