Thursday, February 5, 2009


seems like i long time never update u all bout my recent life

lets start wif the CNY shall we ??

as usual ..
this is the event tat i like the most
and everytime when i hear the CNY song ...
i felt happy ...

for sure that every1 love CNY coz v can get a lot a lot angpao
and some ppl hate CNY as well [ me ]
coz this is the period that ppl gain weight very easily and fast
this is also the so called 'excuse' ppl like to used
' CNY ma .. sure get enticed by all kind of delicious food '
and normally
ppl will just get addicted to it ....
eat and rest
sit and watch tv
this is how those fat can just cumulate in our body

i m one of them too
i felt very geli whenever i stand in front of the mirror
i was damn fu**ing fat now !!
its no way !!!!!
i gonna lose my weight and built the shape a.s.a.p.

stop the topic
and start wif the CNY 年30晚
as the chinese tradition
everyfamily will have their own reunion dinner together

v r a bit diff wif others
v didn eat wif the whole bunch of relatives but just our own family
and v r so luckily that this year got lobster to join our reunion dinner

ya, the dishes

me .. eating the lobster

me n my beloved mumy

daddy and sis
[ spot the daddy .. look fierce but funny ]

and the lovely family ~~

the next day
i drove all the way back to my hometown
which located at Kuala Kubu Bharu
almost 1 hr ride only ..

back to my hometown
there is not tat happening like last time
and even the relatives is much more lesser than last time as well
i felt sad bout it

i stayed there for 3D2N
nth much to do there
just watch tv
sit here and there
chit chat wif the cousins
and eat eat eat ~~
deng !!

dunno whose daughter
attracted my tension
she look very pretty .....
but very lansi
imagine that when she walk ..
she ' ding hong kat lor ' [ read in cantonese ]
when ppl talk to her , she didn bother also
wao .... she just so small

here she is

she look like forced to take pic wif me ..

n here , she look like confusing , lost direction
and the most guai lan cousin is at the back of me

then the sister
wear the same shirt wif her

and the brother ...
en dao also ~~

one day evening
i was chilling wif my wife , laptop
and grandma just pass across me and she stand there and look for smth i guess

i took down this pic

i do love my grandma very very much
she is very important in my life
she used to take care of me when i just borned
she used to b my nanny
and i recognize her everything althought i was still a baby
when i bath , when i sleep , when i eat
everything everthing
i only wan my grandma to do for me
if not done by my grandma
i will cry like hell

i used to sleep wif my grandma everytime i back to hometown
and when i still young , i will cry when i leave her
i used to help her to do anything
i used to stay inside her hug

she was getting older and older
and her sight was getting weaker and weaker
or can say its almost blind
no one can help
nth can do to her eyes
i was wondering
wats the colour of her life now ??
i tried to close my eyes and do things
i would like to noe how she feel
but just few minutes
i opened my eyes again
i cant stand for it
its so unconvenient for me

i noe
she tried to memorize everything everything
even the direction
when she walk
she walk slowly
she needs the help of the wall
take out the hand , touch watever is there to noe where she is

i noe
she dun wanna trouble us

i noe
she is lonely

i noe
i want her to stay alive until i get marry
i wanna let her c how pretty is her grand daughter

i hope
she can even live longger than i aspected

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