Friday, February 6, 2009

C.N.Y part 2

visited mummy's side relatives

diff wif the previous year
v visited grandma at the morning instead of night
v had dim sum as our breakfast instead of having dinner in grandma's hse

photo session here

i m seriously damn fat now ..
elephant leg @@

spot the silly daddy ~~

i was scare of dog last time
but now i accepted dog coz of him ..
now i shall say thx to him perhaps ?? =)

c this 2 dog
i hope tat i was the owner but its belong to my uncle
so adorable right ??



they can even stand for quite a long time ..
very cute =)

the 2 ass ~~

miss green of the day ..
grandma n me

my aunt n me

sista n me

my 2 sisters

the gals of the family

and the twin sister..
mummy n aunt

after our breakfast , then back to grandma's hse
chill until 12 smth
then went to PCA 's hse again
bai nian again n went to 1u
watch the movie [ RED CLIF ]
although i skip the 1st episode
but i still can catch up wif the 2nd episode
its reli awesome

after the movie
PCA sent me back home
and .........
lonely at home ... =(

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